Storyline Sir Lee visits Senhor Perfects home-town!

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    *Sir Lee is wearing a navy suit with a blue tie, he is stood next to a road sign saying "The home town of IWT Superstar Senhor Perfect", with a picture of Senhor on it, holding the IWT IC belt. Sir Lee looks at it and then looks to the camera lens and grins*

    Sir Lee: Ah the olden days.....Back when this hasbeen was IWT Intercontinental champion, well.....I got to face him tomorrow so I might as well check out his childhood upbringings. Oh and I brought some goodies with me, I'm going to be doing some early spring cleaning.

    *Sir Lee shows off the Queen's Sword, an AK47 and a SPAS-12 shotgun, in his huge blue bag strapped over his shoulder*

    *Sir Lee is seen walking through a deserted street, looking around for something interesting*

    Sir Lee: This place is just as boring as a Senhor Perfect promo, luckily....I'm going to get this place going crazy!

    *Sir Lee continues walking until he sees a retirement home, with a dark, sadistic smirk across his face. Sir Lee strolls into the building, he walks towards the reception area, where he is met by the receptionist, a young redhead, highly attractive, with a huge smile across her face*

    Receptionist: Why hello there, I'm a big fan of your wrestling Sir Lee! Who are you here to visit today?

    Sir Lee: I am here to see Senhor Perfect Senior.

    Receptionist: Oh, how interesting. I'll check if he's here right now

    *The receptionist puts the name in the database*

    Receptionist: It will take a minute, that okay?

    Sir Lee: Yeah sure, gives me more time to look into your beautiful eyes

    *Sir Lee gives off an endearing smile to the receptionist, to which she blushes*

    Receptionist: Oh, you're to sweet!

    *The database finishes its search*

    Receptionist: Oh I'm sorry, he's out on a day trip at the moment.

    *Sir Lee headbutts a nearby table* Sir Lee: DAMN IT!!

    Receptionist: Is there something important you need to see him about?

    Sir Lee: Well, I need to let him know his son will be DESTROYED BY ME on Monday, so he isn't to upset when it comes out of nowhere!

    Receptionist: He's the person you're facing in the IWT IC title match at Elimination Chamber?? I thought he went to PWGP?

    Sir Lee: Yes, they have to have someone job to me in my first defence I guess.

    Receptionist: I wouldn't underestimate Sen....

    Sir Lee: THIS ISN'T EARLY 2013 ANYMORE, Perfect is the opposite of perfect at this point, calling him Senhor Mediocre would be generous! But you.... your Senorita Perfect!

    *The receptionist gives off a perturbed expression as Sir Lee looks down in delight. Sir Lee jumps over the table and grabs her, before the receptionist can begin screaming he covers a chloroform cloth over her mouth, incapacitating her. As she falls to the ground, he kisses her on the cheek, he then throws her on the ground.*

    Sir Lee: God....You're so exquisite, the one thing I miss about porn.....Women don't have to hide their attraction to me.

    *Sir Lee licks his lips looking at her figure. He then gets his SPAS-12 out and runs up the stairs. after he gets up the stairs, he begins to stealth, making sure not to alert anyone*

    [whispers to himself] Sir Lee: Why, oh why, do we keep these useless flids alive, might aswell euthanise them after they retire from working, talk about resources and population density management.

    *Sir Lee peeps around the corner, it is a lounge, every single person, roughly 80 people, living at the home, besides from Senhor Perfects father and four others, are in there for the annual OAP Chess tournament. Lots of cheer is had. Sir Lee looks on disapprovingly.

    Sir Lee: Time to help the World!

    *Sir Lee runs into the room shouting "NATURAL SELECTION!!". The OAPs shriek in terror as they see him run in. Sir Lee shoots at them all. He kills 9 OAPs, covered in blood and guts, lying on the floor in a putrid state. The OAPs are unable to escape due to poor mobility. Sir Lee hurls his shotgun at an OAP, actually killing one of them via brain damage.

    Sir Lee: NICE!! *Sir Lee pats himself on the back*

    *Sir Lee then gets his AK-47 out and sprays the bullets into a crowd, killing 65 of them.*

    Sir Lee: Why didn't I get more god-damn bullets?? No matter, this sword shall be the finishing touch.

    *Sir Lee catches up with the final five OAPs, who had survived so long due to their decent mobility, Sir Lee slices them up one by one. The splatter goes everywhere, with blood landing on Sir Lee's suit. Every OAP there is dead!*

    Sir Lee: There we go, finally these invalids are spared of their boring and mediocre lives, I'm so kind.

    *Sir Lee looks at the hideous scene, crimson red painting the walls and organs all around the place, a truly chilling and surreal sight. Sir Lee nods approvingly and leaves, He goes back downstairs to see if the receptionist is still unconscious. She is still down on the ground*

    Sir Lee: Might as well take you with me!

    *Sir Lee picks her up, pecks her on the cheek and lifts her over his back. Sir Lee gets his camera and films himself as he leaves the scene.

    Sir Lee: @Senhor Perfect this is what happens, you try to act all cool and casual, thinking you can walk into this match win, well that isn't the way IWT works anymore. YOU CANNOT GET AWAY WITH NOT SHOWING FOCUS TO YOUR OPPONENT, I MAY KNOW I CAN BEAT YOU, BUT I'LL STILL PREPARE MYSELF, MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY FOR YOU!! You're like Draven, another old schooler whose all self-entitled, thinking he can get all the reward after doing none of the work...

    Sir Lee: You're so lucky your dad wasn't here, or I would have sliced his head off and hit you with it after I defeat you! I can't wait to paralyse you, you arrogant piece of shit!

    *Sir Lee points the camera to the blood on his suit, Sir Lee says "Casualties of war, my Canadian adversary!*
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  2. If Senhor doesn't respond to this with tl;dr, i'll hate him forever.
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  3. OOC: Also, honestly, why the hell aren't we putting these guys on death row or something already?!
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  4. Mother of Dat Kid....
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  5. Sir Lee must be putting on a display of murder to woo Victoria Parker :ksi:
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  6. He kidnapped that hot chick too. He definitely has a plan..
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  7. OOC - Heels with a mixture of cheers & boos have to get a true reaction somewhere.
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  8. Wow...just wow sir lee is one crazy mother fucker
  9. The beauty is that comment will compliment our match pefectly, OOC or not, I'm getting some nice promo content from that 'tl;dr' comment, so thanks. :) xx
  10. If he even shows up.
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