Skype Usernames

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Zach, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. Posts yours here and I'll make a master list in the first post. :otunga:

    Zach - zachuum
    Farooq - KokiriWhoDat
    Solidus - xs9yrt4
    Deth - jvfukk
    Lady Deathbane - foreverurlovex
    rgbnba - rgbnba
    CM Punk - wfcmpunk
    Crayo - crayohf
    RAlbin - Ralbin96
    Danielson - Dwoods115
    Geekgoddess - jennifer.plavec
  2. KokiriWhoDat
  3. Creepyfugger108
  4. Dunno if serious
  5. foreverurlovex
  6. EyeAllReadyGotzYou - Add up
  7. Anyone on Skype right now? Bored.
  8. Rgbnba--> skype
  9. Ralbin96 I think, anyone feel free to add me although it's rare that I'm on.
  10. Added you all
  11. jennifer.plavec
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