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    As you may know, The Slammy's are next month and I guess we'll have awards like we did last year. Pretty sure this will be a creative deal, but I think it would be cool if we could all chime in on the categories and nominees and all that:

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    Here is what I got so far:

    Superstar Of The Year:

    Joey Bryant
    Alias Antonio
    Dat Kid

    Match Of The Year:

    Team FSW vs. Team IWT
    Dat Kid vs. George
    Alias Antonio vs. Joey Bryant (Uprising match)
    Trevor Raynor vs. Aiden Ryan
    Kid/Alias (Extreme Rules)
    Nick/Majour I
    Royal Rumble match
    WHC Elimination Chamber

    Breakout Star Of The Year:

    Bruce Knight
    Ami Ennemi
    Aiden Ryan
    Trevor Raynor

    Feud Of The Year:

    FSW vs. IWT
    Trip vs. Dat Kid
    Alias vs. Joey Bryant
    Alias vs. Joey Bryant vs. Dat Kid
    Gav vs. Dazzle

    "Holy Shit" Moment Of The Year:

    Team FSW beats Team IWT
    Trip defeats Dat Kid
    Bruce Knight wins the IWT Title and defends it the same night
    Gav cashes in on Joey Bryant
    Dat Kid and Farooq cut video promo together (had to)
    Dolph'sZiggler debuts
    Dat Kid's house gets destroyed by TNG
    Rayn, Jwab and Lars brawl
    Solidus debut

    Double Cross Of The Year:

    Alias turns on The Second Generation
    Alias turns on IWT
    Dat Kid turns on Joey Bryant
    Jwab turns on his stunt double
    Alkatrz turns on TNG (i think this happened)
    Dazzle turns on Gav

    Tag Team Of The Year:

    Midas and Drake
    Trip and Marcus
    The Dazzling Chavs
    Dat Kid and Joey Bryant

    Faction Of The Year:

    The Order
    The Church
    The Second Generation
    Dudes With Tudes

    Promo Of The Year:

    Solidus debut promo
    Alias X-Division title promo (vs. Kaizer and David)
    DZ debut promo
    Midas promo for Team IWT
    Joey Bryant vs. Alias Antonio (Summerslam)
    Dat Kid promo vs. George (Mania)

    Biggest Fall From Grace:

    Aids Johnson
    Bruce Knight
    Ami Ennemi
    Justin Magnus
    Marcus Anthony

    STINKER of the year:

    Dudes With Tudes Handicap Match
    CM Punk/Jwab

    PPV of the year:

    IWT Extreme Rules
    IWT Royal Rumble
    IWT Survivor Series
    IWT Mania 2
    IWT Summerslam

    LOSER of the year:

    Danny Jacobs
    Michael/Roadster/Artist/Brian Mandela
    Aids Johnson
    Marcus Anthony
    The British Kid
    Trevor Raynor

    Feel free to leave your ideas below.
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  2. I love seeing my name on lists like that! Thanks for the ego boost :win:
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  3. I don't think there's much more i could add to that Good job thg? :bodallas:
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  4. SIN not nominated for faction of the year? Close the doors @Shadow its over!
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  5. oh shit i knew i forgot something
  6. My name isn't on the list but at least TNG is! I would've said the same for a lot of these.
  7. Wouldn't Solidus debuting be a holy shit moment?
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  8. Not trying to justify it, but we really didn't do anything as a unit this year. It sucks though because there's some stuff that we could've done that would've been cool.
  9. No I added you lads
  10. I kind of agree with @Shadow though. Whens the last time the tag team belts got defended? :pipebomb: :troll:
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  11. Nice, I still stand by my post though.
    Everybody is too scared to face us.:smug: Nah, I'm going to PM the remaining competitors to try to finish up the tag tournament.
  12. Shoe in for fall from grace award. :boss1:

    I like em all tbh, nice deal.
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  13. What's the Second Generation?
  14. The crew of winners that came after The First Gen. Joey, TNH, THG, Oval, that crew.
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  15. Specifically me, Joey and Kaizer.
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  16. lol first gen has like 12+ and 2nd gen is 3?
  17. Diminishing talent; we need a developmental territory.
  18. As the IWT stable, it was only us 3.
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  19. GM of the year? No? :sad1:
  20. I'm taking home the slammy for Interim GM of the year.