Storyline Slammy Awards Ceremony- Biggest Fall From Grace

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  1. Thank you, Jwab! Now piss off! Forever if possible!

    *Jwab exits the stage*

    Alright now, done with the STINKER. Moving onto the Biggest Fall From Grace award. There's often times where it's tough mantaining a high-profile career and the decay gets stronger by the day, more times than not arising the question: shall I hang up my boots? That's been ostentatiously apparent within the IWT this year. So this award is for those people who started off hot but ultimately fell of their tracks, lets run them down:

    Bruce Knight
    Aids Johnson
    Ami Ennemi
    Justin Magnus
    Marcus Anthony

    And the winner is:

    DRUM ROLL (open)
    AIDS JOHNSON!! Come reclaim your award Aidman @RespectGohan6425
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  2. Aids is shown on the titantron accepting his award.

    Was there really any other possibility for this award? Even when I'm irrelevant, i'm just too damn relevant. Just remember, Sunday could change everything for anyone, Aids Johnson included.
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