Storyline Slammy Awards Ceremony- Breakout Star Of The Year

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  1. *Alias takes a sip of water before continuing.*

    So. Onto the next award. This past year we've some amazing talent surface and rise up the ranks of the IWT. Some fresh, young blood that have added, at times, much needed excitement to the promotion. Break-out stars like how Joey Bryant and The Cure were last year. This award is for Breakout Star Of The Year, won by . The nominees are:

    Bruce Knight
    Ami Ennemi
    Aiden Ryan
    Trevor Raynor/Rayn

    Ladies and gentlemen, Breakout Star Of The Year is...

    DRUM ROLL (open)
    AIDEN RYAN! Congratulations. @Butters!
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  2. Aiden Ryan walks out onto the stage with a slightly shocked reaction drawn upon his face, he walks over to Alias and shakes his hand
    "Thank you."
    He Mouths taking the award and stepping up to the podium.

    "This is awesome! I never really considered myself to be anything within this company and to be nominated in not one but two categories is all to hard to fathom. I am so thankful for those who voted for me, who took note of who i was and what i was capable of. This award has been all worth it, through the dark moments, through the bright moments everything has lead up to this and i am so grateful that this slammy represents exactly what it means to be a breakout star. It's not about how many victories you get, or how many championships you win. It's about how often you swing and strive to be the greatest in your division."

    The Audience begins to clap only to have Aiden lifts his finger up to interrupt.

    "Wait..wait... we still have to give the whole grammy award speech where i thank all my directors and such. so... firstly i want to thank my brothers, Nick, Marcus and Trip. You guys took a chance on someone whom you didn't know. you took a chance on a newer talent who was naive, rather off the handle and slightly ridiculous. And for that all i have to say is thank you. you three created something grand for me, you built me, you pushed me to the moon and here i am accepting this reward... And even thought it's overdue... Trip, I am sorry for putting worms in your pasta when i was your assistant for one night."

    "And now onto someone who i know will be watching, we may not have been the best of friends. infact most considered us to be a future feud ready to boil in IWT. Your signs of anger towards my weakness was never really a bullying factor to me, more so a understanding pathway. You taught me to really stand up for myself and to show my aggression in ways that i didn't think i could. You look at me and i'm not exactly the size of the typical roster, and that is something most people forget. I can use that as a weapon, i can use that as an advantage in any situation. And for that, Harriet Vargas. I thank you for helping me find my inner strength."

    He takes his slammy into his hands and raises above his head and lets out a roaring scream.
    The audience begins to cheer as Aiden Ryan lowers the slammy and politely nods at Alias. He walks over to the rampway where a cameraman is filming

    "When you see me next year, you will not only see a perfect slammy... but you'll see a championship around my waist. Let's tear this year the fuck up!"
    He Screams to the camera then walks back to the locker room with the award raised above his head. ​
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  3. Fun Fact: I broke the tie breaker on this one, congrats @Butters!
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