Storyline Slammy Awards Ceremony- HOLY SHIT Moment Of The Year

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  1. *Alias calls over Carson real quick to tell him to take his Slammies to his locker room.*

    Carson, what a banterrific lad.

    Back to business though, we've still got a few Slammies left to award and this one is special. That's right, HOLY SHIT moment of the year. We've seen far more crazy here in the IWT than one person would see in their lifetime. So before something crazy happens right now, lets run down the nominees and take a look at the highlights;

    Team FSW beats IWT
    Trip defeats Dat Kid
    Bruce Knight wins the IWT Title and defends it in the same night
    Gav cashes in on Joey Bryant
    Dat Kid and Fooq cut a video promo together
    DZ debuts
    Kid's house gets destroyed by TNG
    Rayn, Jwab and Lars brawl
    Solidus debut

    Gives me chills looking back at some of those moments, incredible.

    And the winner is...

    DRUM ROLL (open)
    Bruce Knight fow winning the IWT Title and defending it the same night! Must admit, not my proudest moment, but congrats to Knight. @Forrest
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    As the crowd await for Knight to return to IWT to collect his award, A Video begins to play on the screen. The scene is backstage at a major wrestling event where standing in front of white wall is Bruce Knight, wearing a leather jacket with tights and a custom shirt on, finishing off a bottle of water before chucking it away. He pulls his hair back before speaking to the cameras.

    Knight: Antonio Alias, IWT...I received word from a verified source that I won a Slammy Award...The Holy shit moment of the year award to be specific...for my match at IWTMania 2. Unfortunately, I am unable to make an appearance tonight as I am booked elsewhere but I would like to thank...Aids Johnson, Joey Bryant, Antonio Alias and most importantly...All the Haters leading into IWTMania for this award. You see, not only ONCE did I surprise everyone...I did it twice on the same night and while it's all in the past, All those people I mentioned influenced me in many ways. Aids and Joey challenged me to bring my best and Antonio pushed me even further but without those critics...I wouldn't of been able to put out a performance of that quality.

    To think, Only a month later, I would lose my title to Joey Bryant...I could of been someone...but I threw it all away for a short 'Break'...something which ruined my reputation as a credible competitor and something which brought the critics back...So I left after my second run. I left for promotions like ACW and CWA, places where I began to rebuild my wrestling career and tonight, I took one more step onto the journey back to where I was when I defeated three others just 5 minutes ago.

    And now comes the next phase of my plan...The Date has been set, the contract has been signed and the match has been set...IWT, I'm returning, I'm coming home...and my first match back WILL be the Royal Rumble match...and win or lose, I'm out to do one thing...I'm not out to get Joey Bryant, I'm not out to get the Main Event place at IWTMania 3...I'm out to re-ignite my IWT Career...I'm out to rebuild my reputation and I'm ready to climb the ladder to success again...and this time, There will be no shortcuts...I WILL pay my dues...

    The Video cuts as 'Underdog' plays with a graphic of Knight, his return date and his award win on the screen before the camera's return to Antonio Alias.
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