Storyline Slammy Awards Ceremony- LOSER Of The Year

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  1. This was taped a week before the Royal Rumble.


    *The awards show opens up with a video package of the highlights from IWT in 2014 (From Royal Rumble all the way to the Anniversary Show), specifically showcasing those up for the "Superstar Of The Year" award.

    As soon as it ends, Alias Antonio's theme song begins to play, as the camera zooms in on the special stage set for this awards ceremony. Alias (sporting a fine suit, still with his tag belt around his waist though) comes out to a big pop, and is all smiles. He approaches the podium and begins to talk*

    Good evening ladies and gentleman, it is I, Alias Antonio, future IWT champion, your host for this evening, bestowing you all with the utmost prestigious awards, not only in the wrestling industry, but in the whole entertainment industry. That's right, The Slammy Awards, babay.

    This year in IWT, we've seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. We really have seen it all, from Bruce Knight becoming the Underdog and achieving what people thought was the impossible *mild pop*, to Joey Bryant becoming IWT champion 3 times this year, to FSW defeating IWT at Survivor Series, to stables like The Order, The Church, Second Generation, TNG, SIN surfacing ,to guys like Solidus, DZ and Ami Ennemi causing shockwaves with their debuts, to Michael going under a thousand and one name changes, to Kaizer sleeping, to Dat Kid making Kaizer sleep, and so MUCH MORE!

    It's been a defining year for this company either way, and I wouldn't have changed it for the world. Tonight, I will be presenting awards that you guys have voted for specifically. We'll see awards like Match Of The Year, Feud Of The Year, Stable Of The Year, Tag Team Of The Year, and the main one, SUPERSTAR OF THE YEAR!

    But first off, we'll start off with the runt of the litter. The award meant to give the losers of this company a consolation prize for the absolutely horrid year they had in the IWT. Some may take it as a compliment, some may take it as an insult, but either way, lets run down the nominees!

    Danny Jacobs
    Michael/Roadster/Artist/Brian Mandela
    Aids Johnson
    Marcus Anthony
    The British Kid
    Trevor Raynor

    And the winner if it wasn't blatantly obvious....

    DRUM ROLL (open)

    COME ON DOWN @Tsar to receive your award
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  2. Michael walks out wearing a slick suit and sun glasses to accompany him. He walks over to the special stage and shakes Alias' hand before stepping to the podium and speaking.

    Michael: There's defining moments in everyone's careers. Some win the Royal Rumble, some win the IWT Title. But for me it's the fact that I have won a Slammy. Not just because I won this Slammy but because I did it with virtually no competition. I won this Slammy because I did something that no one else can, and because of that I say suck it to anyone who's a nominee and won't win. I'm perfectly content losing every match in my career if it meant I'll launch a Slammy streak that is matched by no other. Thank you Alias, thank you IWT and thank you my mediocre skills in the ring...WOOOOO!

    Michael's music hits and he walks off stage. He poses with the Slammy before walking off the stage and out of the camera.
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  3. lol, Tsar's first legit win.
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  4. :true:
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    Congrats on your big win Tsar.
  6. Thanks buddy.
  7. *The British Kid is seen Smashing Everything Backstage*
    Kid: Bullshit! i so was going to win that!
    *Kid Superkicks a random production guy*
    OOC: nice win Tsar you deserve the award