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  1. There comes a time where you behold something special, so special that it's engraved in your memory forever. Pro wrestling is an art, an art that provides that special something more times than not. Whether it be in matches, promos, storylines, moments, or even superstars, either way pro wrestling is always going to elicit a response out of you. In this case, we're talking about matches. IWT was a platform for so many spectacular matches this year, it was really hard slimming down a list of just 10. It speaks volumes on how willing this roster is to put on the best match possible, regardless of management pressure. That's enough rambling on though, lets get down to the nominees and the highlights of those matches.

    Match Of The Year:
    Team FSW vs. Team IWT
    Dat Kid vs. George
    Alias Antonio vs. Joey Bryant (Uprising match)
    Trevor Raynor vs. Aiden Ryan
    Kid/Alias (Extreme Rules)
    Nick/Majour I
    Royal Rumble match
    WHC Elimination Chamber

    And the Match Of The Year is....

    DRUM ROLL (open)
    ...TEAM FSW vs. TEAM IWT!
    DRUM ROLL (open)

    Wow. I'll accept this on behalf on everyone who made that match as special as it was. Even the crowd. It is by far the moment I will cherish the most in my IWT career as of now. So many factors made it just outstanding, and the hard work really paid off. It's not easy going into a match knowing your career is on the line, but at the end of the day, you've gotta take the risks, and it paid off. This will stand as one of IWT's greatest matches ever, and it doesn't make me happier knowing that I was apart of it.

    Thank you all.
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  2. Aids Johnson walks out slowly as Alias finishes another acceptance speech for the slammy awards. The crowd begins to boo, which prompts Alias to take notice to Aids, who stops to slow clap at the top of the ramp before running down and sliding into the ring. Aids and Alias exchange smirks, before Aids puts his hand out and politely asks for the microphone. Alias hands it over while spouting a few words for Aids.

    You know, as the man with the most eliminations during the IWT vs FSW match, I feel my opinion will be more important than another obligatory "thank you speech" from Antonio Alias, former traitor, and current fall-in-liner. Your match with Joey Bryant will be another great contest for all of IWT and FSW...Former FSW fans alike, however you and Joey both know the winner will be wearing a cross on his chest as soon as the real main event happens. Tomorrow night the IWT backstage will run down to the ring, one after one, and the man standing at the end of the night will be not only guaranteed a shot at the IWT belt at Wrestlemania...he will be essentially guaranteed a WIN that same night.

    I know it, Joey Bryant knows it, and you sure as hell know it. So enjoy your night filled with awards, you deserve it. Tomorrow night is another question, but there are so many questions, so many promises from people....i can't see a reason why I shouldn't do the same. Tomorrow night, I walk in as Hall of Famer, former champion, and current pariah...and at the end of the match, when my hand is held high...there will be one resounding statement made I have made many time's before.

    Hell, why waste my time saying it again when I can let the titantron do it for me? *Aids looks up and points*

    I said it to Joey Bryant nearly one year ago, and now his countdown begins. You win, he wins, Gav wins, Nick wins, any person in the back comes forward and takes that belt from around Joey's waist....just know that at Wrestlemania your time will be up.

    Aids hands the mic back to alias, backing away before rolling back over the top rope and landing on the ground, continuing to backstep as he faces Alias.
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  3. Now wait just a darn minute there Aids...

    We hear a voice in the arena. We look over to the Titantron and it's Christian.
    Christian: Why are you out there Aids? Why are you interrupting my friend's speech out there? To say that you eliminated the most people in the survivor series match? You didn't win the match, Aids. Actually, when I think about it... yeah, I'm pretty sure it took... one of my spears to get you eliminated. Therfore Aids, you're a loser. You lost the match, so you don't deserve any recognition for our award. And by that, I mean that slammy goes out for Team FSW!

    Aids, you want to warn everyone in the back that you're coming for the IWT Championship at Wrestlemania! Big words coming from the biggest fall of the grace! The only one who's time is up... is yours, Aids. Pack your bags, hang the boots, book a flight and leave by Mania, because your time... is truly up.
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  4. Dat Kid takes credit for everything
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