Storyline Slammy Awards Ceremony- PPV Of The Year + Promo Of The Year

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  1. Woah, what a night it's been so far right here at The Slammies. We've seen Unkown return to accept his award, Midas get stripped from his Euro title, Michael winning something, and much more!

    Other than this show tonight, we've been held witness to so many more fantastic shows in the past year here in the IWT, which leads me to the next award; PPV Of The Year.

    You see, what I consider a perfect PPV is a show that has something for everyone. A show that will be remembered forever and stand the test of time. Shows that have instant classic and memorable moments in them. IWT HAD some of those shows last year, and I was lucky to take part in them: Lets run them down.

    IWT Mania 2; which featured matches such as Bryant vs. Aids vs. Knight, George vs. Kid, Farooq vs. FTJ, myself vs. Knight, Kaizer vs. Frie, the X-Division number 1 contenders match and much more. *quickly shows highlight video*

    Summerslam; headlined by myself vs. Bryant with Kid as the special guest ref for the IWT Title and Gav vs. Dazzle. *highlight video*

    Royal Rumble; which had my first singles title win, and of course, the crazy Royal Rumble main event. *highlight video*

    Survivor Series; Who can forget Team FSW vs. Team IWT, huh? Also including Lee vs. Jwab and more. *highlight video*

    Extreme Rules; highlighted by Bryant regaining his title vs. Knight, myself vs. Kid TWICE and the 3-way tag TLC match. *highlight video*

    All great shows, but time to find out the winner. Voted by the audience, the PPV Of The Year is...
    DRUM ROLL (open)

    I'll be happy enough to accept this award on behalf of all the IWT Thank you!

    Now though, apart from amazing shows, we've also witnessed jaw-dropping awe-inspiring promos this year. Eloquence and articulateness isn't always the key to a great promo; you're either born with the quality or not. You need that spark of spontaneity in you. So lets look at the promos from the superstars who are nominated:

    As you can see, some amazing promos right there. But I'm afraid only one can win this award. Lets see who had the best promo of 2014. The winner is...

    DRUM ROLL (open)
    Well....Midas for his promo vs. Team FSW at Survivor Series.

    I'll also be accepting this award on his behalf, because as good as that promo was, I ELIMINATED him from that match. So thank you once again!
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    Huh, I'm surprised SS won given the drama that took place after the ME. Cool
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