Storyline Slammy Awards Ceremony- STINKER Of The Year

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  1. *As Drake and Jono wrap up their deal and leave the stage, Alias shakes Christian's hand as he heads to the back too.*
    Boy oh boy that was something wasn't it!? Midas STRIPPED off of the European title by the corporate asshole Jonathan. That sure stinks for Midas.

    Talking about stuff that stink, this makes for a perfect segway for the next award - STINKER of the year. That's right, we've witnessed some absolutely horrendous matches this year, some actually laughable if I'm quite honest.

    But to present this award is going to be the STINKER himself and former interim GM - Jwab Atom!

    @Hollywood Jwab
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  2. *Jwab comes out with a playful jog, smiling. He walks past Alias but they both stop. They look over their shoulders at each other. Alias showing a face of disgust yet Jwab is smirking. Jwab pats Alias on the back before making his way to the podium. He licks his lips before he begins to speak*

    Hola!! I was going to wait til after I win the Rumble to speak out about me no longer being your Interim General Manager but I see this as a great opportunity to explain to you my actions. I was given a choice, be the Interim General Manager... or have a chance to main event on the grandest stage of them all. If anyone was to think that I was going to give up a chance to main event the biggest PPV in this business just to be in charge for a couple months, they are mistaken. But, this isn't about them... nor is it about me. It's about this.

    *holds up the Slammy Award*

    It's about the worst match of the year. A match that everyone involved and everyone watching would love to forget, including myself. These matches go by many names... career ruiners, crowd killers, momentum stoppers, etc etc etc... most of all, Stinkers. Here are your nominees for STINKER OF THE YEAR!!!!

    Dudes With Tude Handicap match.
    Aids versus D'Z.
    Christian versus Jwab...
    Jono versus Adam.
    TNG versus ReagPain.
    Magnus versus Clobbersaurus..

    and your winner, voted by the IWT Universe..... DRUM ROLL PLEASE...

    Result (open)
    @Delik versus Adam!!! One of you come out here and accept this award!

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  3. @Star Lord

    Just tagging him in case he wants to come out.
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  4. *Unknown walks out on stage and over to the podium*


    *Picks up award*
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  6. inb4: "I'm too busy guize, Trip in the head or Jwab need to take my award, I'm not to blame for the worst match..."
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