Storyline Slammy Awards Ceremony- Superstar Of The Year

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  1. *As Joey Bryant goes to exit the stage after accepting the Feud Of The Year award, Alias quickly intervenes.*

    Wait, Joey Bryant. Not so quickly. There's still one award left for you to accept.

    *Alias grabs the Superstar Of The Year award and reluctantly hands it over to Bryant.*

    This is for you. You are the Superstar Of The Year. Cherish it whilst you can, you piece of shit.

    I hate you.

    This is my goodbye for tonight guys, what a pleasure it was to present the 2014 IWT Slammies. Thank you all for voting and attending this special event. But for now, I'll leave you all with this annoying fucker.

    *Alias takes one last look of contempt at Bryant and whispers: "This Sunday, it's all over for you.", before leaving the stage.*

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  2. *Joey just stares down Alias as he leaves the stage and even when he's gone he looks visibly pissed off. After a couple moments, he looks down and sees what he just won. A big smirk appears on his face.*

    "Now this...this is an award they got right tonight."

    *He chuckles as the crowd cheers and he pats his belt around his waist.*

    "I could go on a long speech right now but no one really wants to hear that so I'll get straight to the point. Bottom line is this title around my waist ain't goin anywhere, this Slammy in my hand ain't goin to anyone else, and Joey Bryant is for sure not going anywhere anytime soon. 2014 was the year of Joey Bryant and I may just be boasting my ego but it is true. I went from 2013 Breakout Star of the Year to 2014 Superstar of the Year. I'm the only one to do that, I'm like Tom Brady in the 6th round, a diamond in the rough."

    *He stares into the camera and winks.*

    "Take notes Aiden Ryan, this could be you next year. Stick with what you're doin and that award will take you to much higher places. But I will give you one piece of advice. Nice guys do finish last, and you're not gonna last forever bein a nice guy. See you some time soon, kid. I know it. Don't let me down, trust me, it'd be a bad thing for your career."

    "Thank you all though, even when I was getting booed out of the building with the Church I still got you all to respect me and you don't win this award without respect. This title will be here next week along with this slammy, Alias Antonio doesn't know what's about to hit him..."

    *He holds up the Slammy and the IWT Title high in the air at the same time and then walks off the stage into the back.*
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