Slammy Awards Ceremony- Tag Team Of The Year

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  1. *As Michael walks out, Alias regains his position in the midle of the podium*
    Isn't Michael adorable? faggot

    Anyway, moving on to the next award. An award I actually won last year alongside my friend Ben Dover, currently known as Lord Lee, the current Xtreme champion. That's right, Tag Team Of The Year!

    I'm no stranger to tag team wrestling, as this belt on my waist very proudly proves.

    *Alias points to the tag belt*
    I've held this prestigious title a record 3 times! With 3 different partners too! But before the nominees and winner are made clear, I'd like to call out my partner and fellow tag team champ, Christian, to present this award alongside me, so please, give a warm welcome to CHRISTIAN!

    @CM Punk
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    ooc: fuck, got high. forgot this was today. hold up
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    Christian comes out on stage to an ovation, while he's rocking his tag-team championship title and a nice tuxedo. He goes over to Alias Antonio and shakes his hand followed by a hug.

    Christian: Hey yo! Sorry I took long in the back, brother, was dealing with some business I had. Tonight, we the tag-team champions will present who was the tag-team of the year. Funny enough, the tag-team champions aren't on the nominees, but at the end of the day it doesn't matter because...

    Christian raises up our his tag-team championship title as Alias does as well. Christian looks over to Alias so he can continue speaking.
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  3. This man knows what's up haha!

    But anyway, lets get down to the business. The nominees are:

    Christian: Trip and Marcus
    Alias: Kid and Bryant
    Christian: The Dazzling Chavs

    *Alias and Christian both burst out laughing and say out loud*

    Midas and Drake hahahaha.

    What ever happened to them, huh?

    And the winners are....

    DRUM ROLL (open)
    Well....Midas and Drake! Take this as a consolation prize, nerds. @Shadow
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  4. *The lights slowly begin to dim until they completely fade out, and purple strobe lights start to emit from the stage. A single burst of thunder reverberates throughout the arena as white smoke starts to cloak the entire entrance way. Subsequently a video that depicts the calm before the storm begins to play on the titantron along with an unheard audio track.*

    *At the 00:48 second mark Drake emerges from the smoke with his back turned to the negative crowd. A lone spotlight shines upon him as he spreads his arms out; garbed in an all black suit Drake continues to walk backwards toward the podium before turning around and meeting the two giving the introduction.*
    Thanks for the wonderful introduction fellas, let's give them all a round of applause!

    *Drake tries to muster up an interactive crowd clap but almost no one participates.*

    Just what I thought, haha. Anyways, most of you can tell that Midas is unable to be with me to accept this award. I tried to see if he was able to make it today but to no avail, it just couldn't happen. And do you want to know why he couldn't make it? Because Midas is... dead! Well, his career is anyways. That's right, I was informed earlier that Midas can NEVER return to in-ring competition! You will never see hear his entrance music be played in this company again, you will never see him come out to bask in his golden pyro ever again, and you will NEVER see him wrestle in-between these ropes EVER AGAIN!

    *Drake pauses for a moments to let it all sink in.*

    That brings me to the next topic at hand, the European Championship. A man who is unable to compete simply cannot defend a title, end of. If I was a good guy I would suggest that we could just retire the title and let Midas keep it as a thank you, buuut the thing is... I'm not a good guy. I took away his career, I'm taking away his title, and I'm not going to stop until I've taken away his legacy. When I'm through degrading everything that he's stood for no one will remember his career here, and no one will even remember the name Midas!

    His reign is over and mine, well mine is just beginning. So whomever the powers may be I demand that you come out here right now and strip Midas of his championship!
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  5. Christian whispers to Alias

    Christian: This fucking guy takes 48 seconds to come out. Lets leave.
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  6. *Jonathan's theme hits as he walks out onto the stage, as the arena darkens and a spotlight shines brightly on him*

    Well... Drake... you raise a compelling argument. We all know what a coward Midas is, hiding behind his injuries. His injuries that,
    I might add, he has suffered from for a while now... but now he just wants to collect his pay cheque and ride off into the sunset
    blaming his injuries for him not competing, when in reality... it's because he's... just not good enough...

    However, I'm a fair man and I'll cut him some slack. I'm not going to strip him of his championship... however, maybe...
    maybe you and I can come to some kind of agreement, Drake?

    *Jonathan smirks as the crowd begins to violently boo. He looks out at the crowd and points to them*

    Oh do be quiet you lot of thugs, I'm a business man. Not a single one of you would be wise enough to make
    a business decision like this in the heat of the moment, so how about you all go back to your 9 to 5 jobs
    for minimum wage and let me run a business, yeah?

    *As Jonathan turns his attention back to Drake, he notices him becoming more and more agitated*

    So what do you say... Drake? Do you want to make a deal?​
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  7. You're right Jonathan, you are a business man. And I don't care what anyone says about you, I've always admired your business sense. I really have, but as much as I would like to make a deal with you that could ensure a great business relationship I just can't let this one go. This is more than the title for me, I'm on a mission and this is something that I have to have done!

    *Drake tries to regain his composure before continuing.*

    If it's true that Midas is just riding his injuries then that should want you to just strip him of that title even more. However, if that's the case then he should watch his goddamn back, I stabbed him once and I'm not afraid to finish the job!

    *Drake looks to calm himself down once more but he just can't take it.*

    No, no deal! I know just how complacent Midas is with reigning in mediocrity and I'm not going to allow him to have this. I don't care how you're going to have to handle the problem once this is done, but this is going to happen! Do another tournament, retire it, give it to Kaizer to draw him out from his slumber, throw it away, I just don't care!

    You are going to strip Midas of the European Championship right now, even if I have to do what I did to Carson to the rest of your production staff!
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  8. *Jonathan becomes visually agitated on the ramp as Drake stares him down from the ring*

    Alright alright alright! Stop! Calm down Drake, I'm warning you! Now... I can see you feel strongly about this
    and after all, a good businessman makes the best decisions for business. Stripping Midas of the title is
    evidently best for business... I can certainly do without another huge medical bill and multiple lawsuits filed against
    IWT because of your actions to members of staff...

    *Jonathan looks out into the crowd, pondering his decision*

    Midas... you are hereby STRIPPED! of your European Championship. Now Drake, get out of my sight!
    And don't forget... you owe me one.​
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  9. Don't forget the lube Drake.
  10. I always keep a spare in my fannypack.
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