Slammy Awards

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  1. So, let me see if I've got this straight...

    This year's Slammy Award winners are supposedly being chosen based on votes through the WWE app and ergo by the fans. However, if I understand correctly, the votes can't be cast in the app until the night of the Slammy Awards. But we're suppose to believe the winners really aren't chosen until just that moment?

    So for people who aren't on the current roster but who are voted the winner(s) of a Slammy Award, are they just going to have everyone in attendance who has appeared on the shows the entire year? Oy.

    Someone please feel free to correct me if I'm mistaken. I'm just trying to make sure I grasp the idea of how this is suppose to work out this year.

    (Since I didn't see another Slammy Awards thread offhand -- assuming it'd be in General WWE -- I guess this can also be used for predictions, etc.)
  2. They want us to believe the fans picked Kane to wrestle CM Punk instead of Daniel Bryan. Via the Internet, may I add. I don't think they're trying that hard to make us believe it.
  3. I thought this said "Slummy Awards" :haha:
    ...I need to go put on my glasses. :willis:
  4. That's bothersome enough in itself. It's bad enough they make it so hard to believe to begin with, but then adding to that the fact that they seem to no longer even "try" to make it some believable? Sheesh.
  5. Match of the year: Rock VS Cena (we already know that)

    Superstar of the year: Sheamus (just to let Punk cut a promo on how he deserved that award more than anyone and how it is unfair for sheamus to win it)

  6. We know it's fixed look at all the stupid little RAW polls they do as Leo C said the Kane D-Bry being the prime example.