Voting Slammys Pre-Show Match- Dat Kid vs Joey & Frie

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Who won?

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  1. Dat Kid

  2. Joey & Frie

  1. The following contest is scheduled for one fall...

    @Dat Kid vs @DK Batista & @Friemasterflex

    The rules are as follows:
    -No interuptions, only competitors can post here
    -Pictures, videos, livestream etc. are all banned, apart from titantron entrances.
    -Promos will last for 24 hours after the 1st promo is posted,
    and there is no limit on the amount of promos you can cut.
    -Voting will then last for 24 hours after the last promo is posted.

    Voting for yourself will result in instant disqualification and suspension,
    no questions asked.

    Please do not post OOC until promos are finished. If you need to address someone please do it via PM.
    However, posts that are kayfabe like watching the match from backstage are OK. Anything else will be deleted.

  2. What? :dafuq:
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  3. Dat Kid's concubines run out to the stage and begin throwing flower pedals around. Dat Kid comes through the curtain of the stage and by the ramp. He motions to the curtains. Datcolytes comes out carrying two crosses. Dat Kid begins walking to the ring as the Datcolytes follow behind. Kid steps up on the apron and directs the Datcolytes to place the crosses on each side of the ramp. As they lift them up we see the crosses have the names Joey Bryant and Frie carved into them.

    Kid hops over the top rope. The Datcolytes kneel on the ramp as Kid grabs his cane to speak.

    Members of the congregation of Dat Church From Jersey, what we are about to witness is the death of two men. One man who has fallen off the path of righteousness and the other man who was never on it. Now I gave Joey Bryant a chance to repent for his sins against me, but did he? No he did not. He didn't even have the courtesy to come down to the ring and look his God in the eye when he was addressing him, but I forgive him. He is lost, right now, whether or not he wants to admit it.

    The mindset this man is in is unstable, hidden behind a unmoving face, but God can see behind your mask Joey Bryant. God knows that behind that mask, you're in pain. You went from main eventing with the champion twice, to not even being mentioned for the Slammy's tonight and that was not from a lack of forgetfulness on the devil Jonathan's part. The ones responsible are these people!

    Dat Kid points around the arena

    Not one of these people had your back, when they found out you were going to be here. These people willing, bought tickets, to enjoy the show. A show that you weren't even supposed to be on, but by the gracious hand of God, I have manipulated fate and placed you right here on it's pre show. You see Bryant, unlike these people here, I love you. I created you Mr. Bryant, and God loves all of his creations. You are my child. All your success here in the IWT can be attributed to me, the man who was working in the back, to make sure you could show the world how great you are.

    However, your failures, that doesn't come from me. You losing to Aids Johnson, Victoria Parker, becoming friends with this man with no name. That's the devil! That's the devil, trying to make his way into your soul and I will not let him take you! I am here to save you!

    ...but don't misinterpret my words. I said tonight, we would see the death of two men and we will, because only in death can you two be saved. You will be defeated here tonight, so that your souls can be cleansed, and you can beg for the mercy of your God. When that moment happens, I will kill the two devils inside of you and you both will be reborn!

    Dat Kid taps his cane on the mat. The Datcolytes split and make a pathway for Joey and Frie to walk through.

    Gentlemen, come out from backstage and embrace the love of your God.

    Dat Kid holds his arms up as if he's ready to give them a hug.
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  4. That's been up for a couple days. Still love you Jono

  5. *The crowd gets on their feet with cheers as the team of Joey Bryant and Frie run out onto the stage in their first ever match together. They look each other in the eyes at the top of the stage and both stare down God before shaking hands and running down to the ring. They both taunt to the fans as their music begins to fade and they walk to the center of the ring with mics and stand a safe distance from God.*

    "You happen to come out here with all your disciples, with your ego, with everything you got just know neither Frie nor I is going to start of 2014 by being your bitch. You didn't create anything, you're simply a narcissist. You look at yourself and you see God, you see everything you wish you were but at the end of the day you're just like Frie and I! A man who showed up here, looking to make an impact, but I know you have to have some doubts in yourself. Eventually when we defeat you you'll realize you're not the all powerful man you thought you were but a phony."

    *The crowd pops*

    "What a year 2013 was. New stars, veterans departing, the year of Aids Johnson some have called it, the breakout year for Joey Bryant. And that's just it, a breakout year for me. It was a slow process, but I eventually worked my way up to earn everyone's respect and that's something I have yet to say for "God." I had my shot at the world title, twice. Twice I came close, and twice I failed. That doesn't bother me, only thing that bothered me was having to make my own match to be booked on the first show of the year. But none the less, the breakout year for Joey Bryant has ended, and now we're in a new phase. This could easily be the breakout year for Frie. Many people have been doubting him, including you God, thinking he's just my pet. My protege. But what you need to understand is Frie is not someone you can just shove aside and expect him to not fight back. We're a lot alike, we'll both fight to get what we want and won't stop until our goal is accomplished. The only goal on his mind is tag team gold."

    *He pauses as the crowd pops a bit and he paces.*

    "That starts tonight, I came out a few nights back just looking to open up 2014 on a positive note, I wanted to prove to everyone I'm still around and I can still be an impact in IWT. I look at all the men that tried to take down Aids, Victoria Parker, and all the past champions here and I look at the men that failed… but the only one people care about is the one that succeeded. The one that was noticed was the one that took down that dominant champion and took him off his high horse. Rarely anyone remembers the ones that fail. So I remember that, God, I fought for that title for over a month and that already helped me establish my legacy. Since I failed, these people haven’t forgotten me. They realized Aids and I put it all on the line but he inched it out both times. I thought in my head constantly “If you fail people are just going to forget you were ever given the shot. You’ll just be looked at as the kid who tried, not a former number one contender to the world title.” I worked my way up to the title, many respect that. For the first time in my life I outshined my elders but can I keep my momentum going, can I pull out all the stops even when it looks like I’m down for the count. That’s the question here God, will I put up or shut up. I was told at one point “Make yourself famous Joey, No one can do it for you.” And I’ve realized that, at the end of the day only I can influence whatever happens in my career. You're not going to be the man to bring me down so fast, Aids had to work to bring me down, ask him, it wasn't easy. You think that just because you have a big ego and a bunch of followers you can walk out with us? Nah, it's going to take much... much more than that."
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  6. *Frie stands next to Joey with mic in hand.*

    Did you forget someone, Kid? Did you forget me? Did you forget to mention the fact that I, Frie, was there for Joey before you? You talk about being God. You say you have a church, but, we all know that it's a bunch of bullcrap!

    *Frie and Joey look at eachother in agreement.*

    How could you stand there and try to persuade Joey and myself to be your "Datcolytes", whatever that means. There's no hiding the fact that you are a brave man. Why, it was you who stepped up when Joey and I made that open challenge. But, there's one thing that showed me that you were not the direction that my, nor Joey's career was going. You're a selfish man with a selfish soul. You are not God................ You are the Devil.

    *The crowd is shocked that Frie could say such a thing. Even Joey is slightly surprised.*

    Listen, Kid. I'm the new guy. The one who's still training. But, I know I'm better than you. Hell, I know Joey is better than you! 2013 was not the year that Joey shined in. He deserved to, but, he didn't. Screwed out of the IWT World Title on many occasions. All dissapointment aside, Joey faced the best this business has to offer. Aids Johnson, Victoria Parker. And then there's you. Dat Kid From Jersey. Or... Dat God From Jersey. Or.... whatever. The only thing that matters is that after tonight, they'll be calling you "Dat LOSER From Jersey". I AM the one who is here for Joey and I'll always be. This may be Joey's and my resurrection, Kid. But we need no God.

    *Frie and Joey stand and wait for Dat Kid's reaction.*
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  7. Dat Kid laughs, then stops, and points his cane at his Datcolytes

    Laugh with me you fools!

    The Datcolytes laugh


    The Datcolytes get silent

    You want to compare me to you and this, this, this thing! How dare you berate your God in front of these people! I am nothing like any of you. I am something the IWT has never seen before, I am one of a kind, I am God! You try to personify me, painting this blasphemous picture of me, claiming that I'm simply here to make an impact, that I have doubt in myself. The Cure came here to make an impact, Anonymous came here to make an impact. I'm not here to "make an impact", I am here to rule the world that simple minded beings such as yourself wish to "make an impact" in and I don't have to stand here with any hesitation because "doubt" is a thing reserved for the feeble and short lives of the people that pass through IWT.

    The one who really has doubt it YOU! You doubted yourself when you went up against Aids and Victoria Parker, that's why you lost, that's why I'm here to save you, because if you have doubt in yourself, if you don't have faith in yourself, you can now place your faith in me. Unlike you, I can actually deliver on the things I say. You promised the world that you would be IWT Champion, yet you now stand as a fallen angel....pathetic.

    You want to speak about doubt? Doubt is the reason you're trying to become king of a division that means nothing! A division, that requires you to be rely on people like THIS!

    Kid points angrily at Frie

    You need no God, Frie? Well I can understand why your convoluted mind believes such nonsense. You're just starting out here in the IWT, you don't know how this world, MY WORLD, works. If I were to leave you alone, you will fail as a tag team and what's left after that? NOT A GOD DAMN THING! Your inability to perform will cost you and Bryant the tag team titles. You will kill Joey Bryant's career by holding him down and you will kill your own career before it even starts! You will walk in the footsteps of Based God Darth and you will be gone before anyone even knows you were alive.

    I am here to spare you that cruel fate and you both spit in the face of God?! You ungrateful animals!

    If these insignificant people with their insignificant people called me "Dat Loser From Jersey" at least they would be calling me something. Win or lose tonight, Frie, these people wouldn't be calling you anything because these people don't give a shit about some green rookie, who's clinging on to the faint pulse of a has been!
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  8. I usually read through the threads on Sunday/Monday
  9. *Frie is angry but gets calm. He pulls the mic towards his face.*

    You think we need you, Kid? No. We don't. What we need is you to get out of our way. For the last time, I am here for Joey Bryant. I am here to solidify that we are the best no matter what anybody, especially you, says. You think these fans don't give a shit about us? I KNOW that they care. They care about us WAY more than you. You've done nothing for the IWT fans, nor the stars of the company. After tonight, Kid, they will call Joey and I the guys that kicked your ass.

    *Joey and Frie high five.*

    See that? That's just an example of Joey and I being on the same page. Kid. You, Joey and I are not. Like I said, we need no God. I'm here to stay. Joey is here to stay. We will find our way towards glory, and it'll be without you. Standing there saying that you're trying to help us. No, that's not it. You just want to control more people. Well, these are two people that aren't falling for your lies.

    *Frie has a smirk on his face and stares right at Dat Kid.*

    What's this about, Kid. Is it that you aren't what you should be? Are you ashamed? Ashamed that you aren't IWT Champion right now? That must be it. You are so ashamed that you try and control people with your kayfabed religious bullshit. I told Joey when I debuted that he needed me and he complied. You're telling us that we need you, but, we don't. Because the difference is, I am going to help Joey. You wouldn't do jack, Kid. And unlike you, Joey and I will actually be...... champions.
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    Such a child isn't he?

    Kid smiles at Bryant

    Ashamed that I'm not IWT Champion? I beat the champion the night before he won the belt! I am greater than any and all champions! Aids is nothing, but a paper champion and I concerned myself with trinkets, that this place likes to dangle in front of your face, I'd be no better than you. I look at the IWT and I see nothing, but a bunch of fools chasing after these belts that mean absolutely nothing! You're all like children at a carnival, fighting over stuffed animals.

    That's just the mentality of a fool! A fool that has no business being around Joey Bryant! You claim to be helping Bryant, you can't help Bryant, you can't even lace your boots correctly. You've been here for a short amount of time and you, you have the AUDACITY to believe that Joey Bryant has something to gained by being partnered with you?! I've never heard such delusional bullshit in my entire life and you dare call my church, my congregation, and God nothing but lies?! Who the hell are you trying to fool? If there's anyone here who has their head up their ass it's you!

    You think a high five is a form of showing that you're "on the same page"? Let me show you what true unity is.

    And God said "Be not lead in the ways of the delusional, but let the everlasting light of Jersey Christ guide you to eternity"

    Datcolytes: Praise be to kid!

    That my friend, is what unity is! Unity under the belief that I am the greatest being to ever exist and they will all be rewarded for their loyalty. Your little high five is nothing more than you contaminating greatness with your filthy little hands.
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  11. *Joey, who has been listening the entire time just glaring down God, finally speaks up.*


    *He runs his hands through his hair and points to God*

    "YOU DO NOT OWN ME. You will NEVER OWN ME. I am the martyr, I am Joey Bryant, I am a former number one contender to the world title and I've been through hell and back to get to this point and you're not stopping me! I guess your little datcolytes are your martyrs, but they can not match to Joey Bryant. This IWT universe, I make them lie for me, they die for me, they cheer for me simply because of my raw determination and will but I've had enough! You have doubt in Frie, everyone has their own fucking doubt in Frie, hell I did when I first decided to team with him. You don't think I could have worked my way up back to Aids and got another shot? I could have. I chose not to, it was a risk in my career and you're not killing it. I am a martyr for my own beliefs, not for your delusional goals. I went face to face with Victoria Parker and I'm still standing here to this day, you're going face to face with a man that has a passion for what he does, a man that is NEVER going to bow down to your power. You mean to tell me you wouldn't like a bit of gold around your waist? You're just here to recruit actual wrestlers instead of these sex slaves? I... am not a toy that you can just pick up and throw around, I am my own man, you didn't create me."

    *He pauses and paces furiously but calms down a bit*

    "Since day 1 I was trying to prove I wasn't a joke, I was the real deal. Well, it's a new year, time to prove Frie isn't a joke either. The moment my career starts going downhill is the moment I go in a different direction but that's not going to happen, no one is just going to be able to suck us in with lies and expect us to bow down."

    *Joey stops for a second and thinks and looks at Frie.*

    "You know... maybe he's right, Frie. Maybe you are bringing me down, maybe I should just lay down on the mat right now and accept him as my savior and be a martyr for something bigger. He could take my career to new heights, right?!"

    *Joey begins to walk towards God, away from a shocked Frie but stops halfway and begins to laugh.*

    "It's going to take a lot more than that to keep me down, chump."

    *He walks back to Frie.*
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    *Frie and Joey smile as if they know what they want in life.*

    I think Joey says it best. He is no joke. I.... am no joke. And together, we'll be the most serious team that you've ever witnessed in IWT. Kid, you have no idea what the hell unity means. Unity.... is the same ideals. Unity..... is enjoying the same things. Your Dactolytes don't agree with you. They don't like your ideals, and they damn sure don't like you. You brainwashed them. Listen here. You will not brainwash us.

    *Frie leans in as Joey stares at Dat Kid from the side.*

    We know what we want. And we know what we're going to get. We are going to be tag team champions while you are going to try and try to brainwash more fans and more people in this company. Oh, and what you said about Aids........... Aids is more of a champion than you could ever be.

    Who knows what lies you spread back home in the swamp of New Jersey. Your God gimmick is nothing but a cover-up to hide your shame and your dissapointment. You're the real fool here, Kid. We don't need you.
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  13. *Kaizer watches from backstage*
    Kaizer: least they aren't standing 1 1/4 meters away from each other.
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  14. OOC: It's 1 1/5, Kaizer!
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  15. *Joey pats Frie on the shoulder*

    "You hit the nail on the coffin there, buddy. Brainwash. Those guys, they may claim to be following him but they would never have been following them if it wasn't for God's deceiving ways. We're not them, nor will we ever be. It's not secret Frie and I like to have fun, that's the main reason I chose to team. I was sick of being tied down by high expectations and greed to the point where I couldn't think for myself. Frie is here to take some of that stress off of me and balance it out. Reveal yourself as who you once were God and maybe, WE could save you. No one believes in your bullshit, you're just a bully with a group of kids that can't fight for their own. Admit it, you don't need us. Your ego is just too big at this point where you WANT us, you know I'm a valuable asset, you know Frie is as well even if you hate to admit it, but I don't carry this team. You're in a handicap match, the odds are in our favor. All your little cronies can go jerk off in the back and it still wouldn't change the outcome. I lost my cool a bit, I tend to do that. When someone with an ego the size of a mountain like yourself tries to tell me I can't make it with Frie, that I'd be better off with a jackass, that infuriates me. There's no stopping the team of Joey Bryant and Frie, if you so do happen to win my heart will never have the passion it once had. The fact that I'd have to be your lacky and participate in your group orgys in the back would disgust me because let's face it, Frie and I are the most straight guys in this ring."

    *Frie and Joey laugh along with the crowd but Joey still looks at "God"*

    "You're just a blemish on the ladder of IWT success, nobody looks to you when they think of an all time great. They may look to Dat Kid, but this "God" guy? Nah, he's an asshole."
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  16. When the people gathered here follow me, in a cause greater than you'll ever be I'm brainwashing them, but when a man who showed so much promise in the last few months is being "helped" you it's "unity". Your hypocrisies trickles the value of your already diminished words. You act as if what you're leading Bryant to do is greater than what I have in store for him. You're using him and it's as clear as day! The only reason you have an interest in Bryant is because if he wins the tag team championships, guess who's also getting a piece of that gold. Bryant won't be wearing both belts, even though he is carrying this ridiculous thing you call a team.

    Bryant you got it all wrong. I DO believe you can work your way up back to Aids. I DO believe you can be IWT Champion. There is no one who believed in you more than me! When people were pushing for the old to reign as champion again, I was the one who spoke out and said "No! Joey Bryant is the future!". Which is why it ANGERS me that you would stoop down to a place in the IWT that doesn't even matter! You are greater than the tag division and now you WASTE your time in this place!

    You know what I was doing in my first few months in the IWT, I was losing! I lost and lost again, I had the worst record in IWT. People labeled me as a jobber. They treated your god like he was some commoner, like this idiot standing next to you. However, unlike you, I didn't settle for easier things! In my first four months I held four championships! There are only 2 triple crown champions in the history of the IWT and you're looking at one of em! I have reached a point where gold isn't enough! Gold is nothing but shiny pieces of crap that anchor me away from progress. Frie, you're right. Aids is the champion I could never be, because I could never be a paper champion!

    Dat Kid walks to his corner

    And God said "Let the resurrection of my child begin and let the world know that my creation walks the earth with a step that paralyzes the souls of the weak"

    Datcolytes: Praise be to Kid!

    Jesus wept

    Dat Kid places his cane by the steel steps. He is ready to fight
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  17. Wrong, wrong, wrong. All wrong just like your little prostitution system you call a church. Joey and I are a team. No one carrying it, and no one controlling it. It's not just me who's helping out. With me assisting Joey in getting back on track in IWT, he's training me to be as good as the top of the roster. You're the one who is carrying those Datcolytes. But, the only thing you're carrying them to is shame and dissapointment.

    You're no longer the champion, but because of your experience, you think you're better than everyone else. Instead of living a lie of false sanctity, try this. Go back to New Jersey. Tell your family that you'll do your best to gain your glory back and that you won't fail them. Let your Datcolytes go and live the life they once enjoyed until you came along.

    While you're doing that, Joey and I will dominate IWT and win the tag team championships.

    *Frie and Joey raise their hands and the crowd roars louder than imaginable.*
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  18. "Well God, I appreciate the support you once had for me. And I still believe you want the best for me, but you have the wrong idea of what is the best for me. Being your personal lacky would not help me advance in my career, it would pull me down. It would make me lose passion for this company and go back to a nobody. Frie has a point, he knows he's lucky to be in a team. I am helping him, and believe it or not, he is helping me. The IWT tag division is hot, many partners are trying to make a name for themselves but the difference between them and us, we don't submit to authority figures like yourself. Don't get me wrong, I have an ego too. But I can control it. Do I think I could win the tag belts by myself? Yes. But I KNOW I can win them with Frie. You're right, I could have easily worked my way back up to Aids. I could have done my original plan and take down David, but I chose not to. Maybe if you do happen to win you'll send me in that direction and break Frie and I up, who knows, I don't know exactly what you're capable of. But one thing I do know for sure is no matter what happens, in 2014, Joey Bryant is going to have gold around his waist. Whether that's with Frie or under your so called guidance, Joey Bryant will be the superstar to remember. If that happens to be with this team, this team will be the team to always be remembered. 2013 was my breakout year, 2014 is the year I back my accomplishments up. Step 1? Laying you to rest."
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