Slate Bass

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  1. Username: @Jet Starr

    Availability: My schedule is very shifty, but I should usually be available full-time

    Have you competed here before?: No

    Do you agree to the rules?: Yes

    Character Name: "Head Pimp in Charge" Slate Bass

    Height/Weight: 6'2, 189 lbs

    Residence: Jacksonville, Florida

    Character Base/Appearance:
    (Yes, it's Justin Timberlake)

    In-Ring Attire:
    • White glove on his right hand.
    • Black elbow pads, shining silver on the back of them.
    • Shiny black tights, "BASS" written on the ass in silver. Purple lines snaking down the sides of his tights, accented with silver glitter on the edges. Glittery silver going around the waist of the tights.
    • Shining silver kneepads. with some space before the boots.
    • Shining silver boots with thin dark purple laces and dark purple soles.

    Entrance Attire: See above picture, but change anything black to a dark, yet glittery purple, and add a white glove to his right hand.

    Entrance Music:

    Entrance Actions:
    After the intro to his head bobbing theme music plays, the lyrics kick in, giving Slate Bass the cue to come out. He subtlety dances to his music, while taunting the crowd. He heads down the ramp and as "...don't Believe me, just watch!" is heard throughout the arena, he spins, stops, and tips his fedora before sauntering into the ring. Once in the ring, he stands on the second rope, slowly raising both arms by his side, before taking off his fedora and placing it on the ring post.
    (Just for reference, after matches that he wins, he retrieves the fedora from the ring post, puts it on and tips it while saying "Gentleman" or "M'Lady" to his opponent.)

    Wrestling Style: Brawler-Showman

    Finishing Move:
    Slingshot-Modified STO (Baron Corbin's "End of Days"), known as the "Bass Drop"

    Signature Move(s) (3 Max.):
    • Spinning Waterwheel Facebuster (Dalton Castle's Bang-a-Rang), known as "Funk-a-Round"
    • Taunting Elbow Drop (Opponent on ground, Slate does a spin, jumps and hits an elbow drop). known as "Shakey Ground"
    • Running/Jumping Clothesline, known as "Out of Sight"

    • Russian Leg-Sweep, with a roll through into a wear-down arm triangle.
    • Anything that targets the body
    • Anything that targets the head

    • Series of jabs, followed by a spin and a "woooo!", finishing with a forearm to the face.
    • Enzuigiri (from various positions).
    • Running shoulder block.
    • Running European Uppercut.
    • Dropsualt.
    • Various types of forearms.
    • Various types of knees.
    • Spinning Backfist.
    • Insert generic strikes.

    • Suicide Dives.
    • Dropkicks.
    • Crossbodies.
    • Diving Shoulder Block.

    • T-Bone Suplex.
    • Snap Suplex.
    • Fallaway Samoan Drop.
    • Tilt-a-Whirl Backbreaker.
    • Flapjack.
    • Stun Gun.
    • Fireman's Carry Neckbreaker.
    • Dancing Belly-to-Belly (Grab, switch sides with a spin, then hit the B-to-B).
    • Lifting Spinebuster (akin to The Rock's Spinebuster) (Potential "Shakey Ground" Elbow Drop set-up).
    • Insert generic moves.

    • Leaning back in the corner and doing a fedora tip motion.
    • Swiftly running a hand through his hair, smirking and shooting a wink at the crowd.
    • Fixes glove.
    • Finger wag at opponent, as if saying "Uh uh".

    Ring Psych: Aggressive, yet flashy at times. May appear to run from his opponent, but is luring them/catching them off guard constantly. Into a slower paced match, but can speed things up if need be. Definitely uses underhanded tactics.