Sleep, Dreams, Bedroom (-_- ) zzZ

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  1. Discuss anything about...
    Sleep (Your sleeping habits or lack there of)
    Dreams (Dreams you have)
    Bedroom (What you sleep on/in)

    This is just a BS thread for not so busy nights on the forum. :otunga:
  2. Sleep ~ I hate sleeping, unless I'm sleeping. So typically, my days consist of me trying to stay up as long as I possibly can due to disliking sleep, and then crashing and sleeping for most about fifteen-twenty hours. How late I can stay up changes but it's normally about twenty-seven hours? Maybe thirty. It use to be a lot more before I kicked caffeine (for obvious reasons).

    Dreams ~ My dreams are either too fucked up for me to get into or to tame to be worth mentioning.

    Bedroom ~ I don't know about you but I sleep on a bed. I'm strange like that.
  3. Omg, I'm almost the same way. It's like.. I can do more productive things than sleeping. Most days I stay awake as long as I can and then crashing for the other half of the day, haha.

    Also, my dreams are always realistic in terms of physics and reality and such. I heard some people have crazy, ridiculous dreams like an octopus flying above them, I've never had a dream like that.

    When I think to the past, it's hard for me to decipher what was a dream and what actually happened, which is a bit scary to me. Sometimes I dream about people who I haven't talked to for at least half of my life, which is weird. Sometimes I dream about talking to celebrities, which is as far as unrealistic goes in my dreams. Otherwise, it's mainly just me talking to a group of people I've talked to before in a place that I've been to before.
  4. it to painful to get in with u guys! :pipebomb:
  5. Sleep - I sleep
    Dreams - About people
    Bedroom - On my bed in my house.
  6. Dead
    I wait dreaming
    In my house at R'lyeh
  7. I typically stay up really late since I'm a night owl, and when I do sleep I sleep very soundly and quickly. It doesn't take me a long time at all to get to sleep and I stay asleep very well (if I'm not disturbed by my cat).

    I rarely remember any of my dreams. I don't know if that's a bad thing or not...

    At night I sleep on my bed in my bedroom. If I'm taking a nap I can sleep on my bed or my living room couch.
  8. Sleep-Awake
    Bedroom-Xanth's left breast

    We're doing opposites right?
  9. Sleep
    I have some problems. When I go to bed I can't get to sleep for hours then I always wake up tired no matter how long I sleep. I have some illness that drains energy from me straight away and makes me dead all the time.

    I never remember dreams or if I have any at all. I remember some nightmares because they wake me up.

    Normal bed and covers. Pretty boring :meh:
  10. Sleep-I sleep in really weird possitions
    Dreams-Most of the times about guys getting kicked in their nuts
    Bedroom-I have a bed but I can sleep wherever, I've sleeped in the bath tbh