Storyline Slick Willy visits the women's locker room

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  1. Victoria Parker, laces up her boots for her match in the women's locker room. The lights begin to flicker, Parker looks up, but the lights return to normal. Shortly after footsteps are heard quickly going from one side of the room to the next. Music is faintly heard coming from the shower area.

    Victoria Parker starts to walk over to it. Bright pink light begins to flicker from inside the shower with the biggest door. All the showers turn on hot water, making it steamy. The door on the stall begins to shake. 0:45

    The door bursts open with Slick Willy laying on his rotating bed. The bed moves out of the stall and towards Victoria Parker, with Slick Willy possibly naked under the sheet as it covers his crotch. The bed stops rotating and Slick makes direct eye contact with Parker.

    Oh baby...
    Slick breaths heavily.

    I don't think we've met. Why don't you come take a seat so we can get more acquainted...

    Slick rubs a spot on his bed and winks at Victoria Parker @CrayJ Lee
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    With eyes wide with shock, Victoria takes several steps back away from Slick as his bed gets closer to her. With her hand over her pounding heart, Victoria collects herself as her breathing evens out from the scare. She keeps a safe distance away as she glares at the ridiculous spectacle. "I think you got lost along the way to the porn studio. I've heard that I have a porn star look-a-like so I imagine you'll find her there. If you're looking to have a good old time in those STD infested sheets, you've come to the wrong person."

    Victoria leans in closer, a smile played across her lips. "I know all about men like you. You walk tall and your games are well designed, but when it comes to execution, they crumble to pieces when encountered by a real woman. Games like this only work on the weak, pitiful women that starve for any ounce of attention thrown their way."

    Victoria stands up straight and puts her Hardcore Title on her shoulder. "There's no one in this world like me and I'm certainly not like the weak, pitiful women you're used to. I'm not here to play games and you're just wasting my time. You're looking at a real woman...not a tramp that you can find and pay to sleep with you on your nearest street corner. You're anything but slick, as you continue to slip and fall, making a fool of yourself in front of me and everyone else. And well", looking down at the sheet with disappointment, "even your willy can't measure up. So, the next time you decide to waste my time, I'd advise you walk the other way. Next time I won't be so nice."

    Walking towards the door, Victoria shouts "Security!" as several men come filing in shortly after.
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  3. Sheeeeeeee's Baaaaaaack
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