Spoiler SmackDown 3/26/15 Results

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  1. Due to the changes caused by Wrestlemania week the matches that will air on SmackDown were taped after tonight's episode of RAW.. The results are below, and will be accompanied by footage from Axxess/Wrestlemania week prior to the weekend.

    -Jerry Lawler got a big pop when the switch to SmackDown was going on, a lot of fans were seen leaving, most likely due to them not wanting to stay another hour or so.

    -Fernando v. Cesaro v. Big E v. Jimmy Uso in a fatal 4 way.. Jimmy got the win after pinning Cesaro.

    -AJ Lee cut a promo on her match with Paige vs the Bella Twins.. Paige and AJ seemed to have made up after their RAW altercation.. the Bellas interrupted.. This was said to be a pretty decent and somewhat lengthy Divas segment. (Sounds like it was longer than all of the Divas matches they've done recently)

    -Daniel Bryan, John Cena, Roman Reigns, Mark Henry v. Seth Rollins, Kane, Big Show, Bray Wyatt.. said to be an alright match, nothing special.. Reigns & Cena were booed during their entrances but those stopped shortly after they entered the ring.. Daniel Bryan gets the win for his team and they celebrated.. SmackDown ended with "Yes!" chants and DB's music playing.
  2. Best. Episode. Ever. lolololol
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  3. It's safe to say this is one SmackDown I will probably just hold out on and then watch the Main Event of it somewhere in those couple of days before mania.
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  4. Yeah, same here.
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  5. Well, the last SD before WM is always just a highlight package of WM week activities with a few matches/segments thrown in there. No surprise.
  6. I'm pretty sure they showed the entire ending of Raw last year during Smackdown
  7. Can't do that this year, it's 2 minutes of tug of war :booker2:
  8. Meh, watched it.. just like I thought essentially a waste of time.
  9. This episode was a waste of time, to say the least.

    - Jimmy Uso vs Cesaro vs Big E vs Fernando was okay. Tyson Kidd & Cesaro had better retain this Sunday! To hell with those lame Usos, Matadores and New Day.

    - Gladly skipped everything else.

    - DB, Reigns, Henry & Cena vs Rollins, Wyatt, Show & Kane was alright.
  10. I happened to watch it and it was the worst tap off SmackDown I've seen in a long while. Even WM29's tap off SmackDown was better than this shit. But nothing much can be said since it's over.