Spoiler SmackDown 4/2/15 Results

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Apr 1, 2015.

  1. Doesn't seem like an all bad episode, I'm not doing anything Thursday night at the moment so I guess I'll watch it when it's airing.
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  2. Well, all downhill from post-Mania Raw, as expected.

    Also, wasn't the ME supposed to be a tag match, DB & DZ vs Sheamus & BNB?
  3. Seems decent. At least worth skimming through for the best parts on the good 'ol DVR, I reckon.
  4. Kane's personal bathroom? I have to learn more about this.
  5. A win is a win, bitch.
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  6. Yeah, like the rest of the article (past the dark match note) was even worth reading :dawg:
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  7. [​IMG]
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  8. ...And people keep telling me I can't mark over a dark match.

    He. Won.
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  9. Are you seriously not enthralled about Kane's personal bathroom? I think you're lying to me.
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  10. Sorry for lying, man. I'm so ashamed right now.
  11. It's ok.
  12. 2 wins lol

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  14. Sheamus Accused Of Working Reckless In WWE SmackDown Match, Daniel Bryan Gets Stitches

    Source: http://www.wrestlinginc.com/wi/news...d-of-working-reckless-in-wwe-smackdown-match/
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  15. Crowd reactions on Cena are weird, they could be boos or cheers on any given night.
  16. I've managed to watch the show in like 40-45 minutes.

    Well, it was just another typical dogshit/10 episode for the most part.

    - Harper vs Ambrose was aight. Him putting Ambrose through the announcers table is prolly gonna set up a tables match between the two at ER.
    - The PTP promo was hilarious.
    - Sheamus vs DB was good.

    - The openning segment was a snooze fest.
    - Orton vs Show being scheduled only to end in a DQ fest. Piss off.
    - I dunno what you were thinking, WWE... But that backstage segment with Kane's personal bathroom and Ambrose wasn't funny. It would've been funny had Ambrose put Kane's head through a pile of shit, doe.
    - The Miz vs R-Truth was an unadulterated garbage. Mizdow laying Miz out after the match was the only thing worth watching from this segment.

    The 'I don't give a toss' about this segment:
    - Skipped the divas match.
    - Gladly skipped the Cena segment.
  17. Bryan vs Sheamus was the only part i watched apart from the long and tedious opening segment. That move sheamus done like he was going for a vertical suplex and then dropping Bryan on his knees was strange looked like a Botch first only for him to do it again. Suppose it was a good heel thing to do,looked dangerous. Good match and new theme for Sheamus which was cool.
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