Smackdown 9/27(Actually Not, But Hey.. We Can dream, Can't we?

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  1. Out comes Triple H to some major heat welcoming us speaking about how people have said he has used this time slot for boring wrestling. He goes on about how he and Stephanie McMahon have the burden of carrying the company and how he and his wife still bake cookies for customers, which is good for business and good for their wallets..
    He says he gave the WWE Superstars an opportunity to see "The Walking Dead" as the crowd gives him “Why?!” chants. Out comes The Miz whom shouts “Really, really, don't be silly..” Miz asks Triple H if he thinks he has really been fair. Triple H says Miz is an example of a Superstar with an ego and hairstyle to match. Triple H goes on to say that he doesn’t understand ObamaCare. Triple H adds that Miz couldn’t step in the ring without falling over his feet.
    Triple H pulls footage of Randy Orton beating the crap out a shocked spectator a couple of weeks back and said Miz had a great opportunity to count to 100 in front of the crowd. Miz said "Huh?!". Triple H went on to say Steph looks hot. Miz said he should have called his wife a Gold Dust look a like..
    Triple H said his wife is sorry she didn't smack the Miz with her purse. Triple H offers to get Miz’s parents a brand new car. Triple H tells Miz that he thinks the Cowboys will win this weekend. Tonight its The Miz v. Hornswaggle.
    * R-Truth vs. Pee Wee Herman are up next. Herma goes right in on Truth with some kicks below the belt and Truth fights back with some kicks to the groin of his own. Herman hits Truth with another kick. Truth shoves Herman into next Tuesday.
    Pee Wee Herman defeats R-Truth, how you ask? Because it was in the script..
    After the match Herman locks the finger bar on Truth then out comes Rob Van Dam and stomps Herman, hitting him with a sofa in the gut. Herman lies in the ring as RVD poses with the sofa and holds the World Title with Charlie Sheen.
    * We cut to Triple H and Vickie necking in the backroom. The pair agree on a Hardcore Rules match for RVD and Herman.
    * The Prime Time Players are shown playing poker as they prepare to head to their cars.
    * The Real Americans make their way to the ring for a tag match against the Prime Time Players. Zeb takes the mic for a quick lick and asks everyone to stand and put one hand over their heart and say “we the people” as he gives that familiar straight arm salute.
    Jack Swagger and Grape Nehi start the match. Cesaro gets the tag and stomps Grapes. Swagger is back in and Titus fights off Swagger with some kicks, Swagger corners Grape with some stomps and tags in Cesaro. Antonio swings Grapes for at least 40 minutes. Grapes regroups and slaps Cesaro, making the tag to Darren Stevens who cleans house. Cesaro hits Stevens with some supler glue moves, while the referee is counting his money, Stevens had the 3 count. Swagger is back in and locks the ankle lock making Stevens tap dance.
    * The Wyatt Erp Family are out next. Bray Erp vs. Zach Ryder. Ryder hits some elbows to start off then Erp levels Ryder with his mask and smiles at the crowd, a Husky Harris chant breaks out. Erp locks in an armpit on Ryder. Ryder then slams Erp’s face to the mat and hits his boot off the last rope but misses his finisher. Erp counters and hits his finisher for the quick victory. Winner: Bray Erp.
    * The Shield make their way to the ring through the crowd, followed by Dolph Ziggler making his entrance. The action spills outside the ring with the Shield interfering. A brawl breaks out in the ring and out comes Triple H. He orders them to stop and restarts the match as a 6 man bobsled tag instead.
    * The Shield vs. Dolph Ziggler, Rob Van Dam & Kofi Kingston is up next. This turns out to be a **really** boring match, so why bother talking about it.
    * The Big Show is interviewed, he says how maybe a toupee would help. Triple H shows up and makes fun of Show with fake tears as Show screams and walks off, leaving Triple H smiling.
    * AJ Lee (with female sidekick) defeats Cameron (with Naomi). They all scream and jump around. Wow.
    * Paul Heyman comes out and yells at the crowd. The crowd yells back. We cut to commercial. Millions of viewers switch to ION television for Monk reruns..
    * 3MB are out next. They sing and dance. More viewers change channels.
    * Randy Orton defeated Triple H whom said Randy had to win by pin fall. The crowd hated Triple H and were cheering for Orton. Orton finished it with an RKO.
    The End