SmackDown Attendance Sours Again

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    This is apparently an image of last nights taping.
  2. :lol1: And this with them using Cena. I wonder when they'll realize they have to do something.
  3. Is this a common thing?
  4. Very common in 2012 anyway.
  5. Right so now we're hoping it'll spring them into a new approach because of it at the end of the year? Honestly I doubt Vince cares as he'll still be making big dollars so his wallet isn't at risk. Shame really.
  6. Yeah it is .:sad:


    Hope is all we've got left :sad1:
  7. Surefire sign of Smackdown never really recovering from Edge's retirement and Taker becoming a part timer. Those guys were the Smackdown top guys even when on RAW and drew people for the Smackdown tapings. There is no one to fill that void now despite how much H thinks Sheamus can do it
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    No one really draws apart from Cena do they?
  9. Well house shows are also souring, and if SmackDown keeps drawing badly (even with their big draws appearing) then that will surely force him into action, since a lot of their income is from ticket sales from televised and non-televised events.
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    Really can't see him doing anything but pushing Cena, Punk or Orton as a main player there tbh, that seems to be Vince's solution to the enigma code. Also what proportion is made from a live audience? I'd think international merch, TV sponsorship and PPV buys are a much larger aspect than live shows personally.
  11. Now yes but wasn't Edge a pretty successful draw? I heard that he draw pretty decently for a main eventer, not Cena levels but he could draw people and sell pay per views, same with Taker from what I understand. Then we had Hardy who somehow also become a pretty successful draw and one of if not the biggest merchandise seller.
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    Never really paid attention to this who draws stuff (doesn't really rank on my enjoyment scale) so it was more of a query lol, I know Jeff sold monster merch though similar to Punk I reckon.
  13. Wow. That's bad
  14. Around this time last year I read something about how Edge was the number two guy behind Cena in drawing for TV and live crowds consistently, thus why he was a lot on Smackdown (so that Cena wouldn't need to work double shifts) and how WWE seemingly never recovered from his retirement.
  15. Interesting, I can understand the adamant rush to push Sheamus and Ryback more now. They're trying to plug a big hole.
  16. Yeah, especially with Punk not being a consistent draw of that caliber. He basically came like a lightening bolt from the blue when they needed it but he couldn't fill the shoes fully.
  17. Simple solution is push Bryan.... He got decent ratings didn't he?
  18. When Bryan and Henry was in the main event on Smackdown it was around 2.5-2.7 so yeah. Pretty simple solution, let the bearded one run wild
  19. I really can't see a flaw, he puts asses in seats, can wrestle, speak, get madly over, is sexy and won't get busted for roids like Maddox.
  20. Not a surprise.