Smackdown Discussion thread 6/5/2012-6/8/2012

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Harley Quinn, Jun 8, 2012.

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    I made a reaction video to those interested:
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    DISCUSS!!! and stuff
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    I watched it. Regular show. Don't really remember everything that went down, but if I'm not mistaken, the main event was not that good, and we had quite a few squashes. Also, I was pissed when JR's theme played and Hornswoggle came out.
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    >.> I was gonna laugh when he was gonna get his ass Tyson Kidd ruined it for me >_<
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    Just wanted to join in, btw a pretty cool review. Just got to the Sin Cara bit.

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    thanks, I'm not used to talking on the camera so I got nervous again so I'm probaly monotone and pausing up, but what did you think of the match?
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    Sin Cara's match was pretty good, Drew got a few moves in, and Cara exciting to watch as always. I want to see him (and Brodus, Ryback, Sandow, Cesaro) in a storyline as soon as possible instead of squashes.
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    I think Sandow, and Sin Cara should get in a feud, they look like two wrestlers that can have some interesting matches, and of course Brodus and Ryback could make an interesting feud with their undeafeted streaks, and I'm still trying to figure out who to pit against Sandow....maybe Drew or Dolph, if that is he doesn't get in one with Swagger
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  8. Please sticky this thread. I also like how no legends/mods care about this.
  9. No need to stick it activity will be low in it.
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    I think Brodus should feud with Sandow, their gimmicks write the story by themselves. Ryback could start a feud with Cody after NWO.
  11. DK why people hate SD. It looks decent. And where is @[kanenite95]

    also why are we talking in spoilers?
  12. Well, Farooq said the thread was also for people who are still waiting to watch SD, so I didn't want to spoil anything. Not that there is someone around here who hasn't watched SD yet... is there?
  13. No one hates SD I don't think it's just not been the best product over the past few months.
  14. i recorded it and am only watching now. just got done with the cara match
  15. im right here
  16. I still caught it better then Raw honestly. They had decent matches.
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    And I think Ryback should go someone with more power and/ or size, I think even Mark Henry would be better then Cody
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    Ryback Vs. Triple H
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  18. Ryback should just beat the crap out of Khali and get him out of the wrestling business. If we're not doing that, well, Henry is injured... maybe Kane after he loses at NWO, I don't know.
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    When is NWO btw?
  20. You don't have to spoil everything, just the ones that give out the results of the match tonight and No Way Out is the week after this sunday
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