Smackdown Live Discussion 9/13/13

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Dat Kid, Sep 13, 2013.

  1. 5 point preview

    -Someone wins
    -Someone loses
    -Daniel Bryan gets beat up
    -Big Show cries

    and these are just guesses without looking at spoilers
  2. What a shitty 5 point preview. :tough:
    Kidding, will be here.
  3. I will be here.
  4. Won't be here.:tough:
  5. Oh you will
  6. It's time.
  7. Is AJ going to be on?
  8. Cutting Edge!
  9. OK OK fantastic. Is AJ going to be on?????
  10. I believe so.
  11. YAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!! Tell me when she's on, ok??? Thanks, friend! ^_^
  12. I'm still not here.:tough:
  13. Ok........???
  14. i know this is supposed to be a big moment, but i dont care about Big Show
  15. I marked for that Spear.
  16. Fuck Big Show, lol.
  17. Fuck this edited crowd as well.
  18. Neither do I. I'm not even watching right now. I'm waiting for AJ to be on.
  19. Brodus Clay is a faggot.
  20. AJ on Commentary, Yay,
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