SmackDown Live: September 13th, 2016 [Live Discussion]

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    United States: LIVE, Tuesday Night, September 13, at 8/7c on the USA Network
    United Kingdom: Wednesday Morning, September 14, at 1AM on Sky Sports 5 HD

    Wells Fargo Center
    Philadelphia, PA

    SmackDown LIVE Preview, Sept. 13, 2016: Heath Slater will sign his SmackDown LIVE contract tonight
    In the wake of Backlash, SmackDown LIVE returns tonight with a slew of new champions. But, will one-half of the first SmackDown Tag Team Champions Heath Slater make it through his contract signing without messing it up?

    Heath Slater will sign his SmackDown LIVE contract tonight
    Heath Slater’s wife, Beulah, and their seven kids were surely rocking in the single-wide this past Sunday when Slater & Rhyno defeated The Usos to become the first SmackDown Tag Team Champions. The victory not only positioned the odd couple as the duo to beat on Team Blue, but also finally secured Slater a SmackDown LIVE contract — a contract The One Man Band will sign this Tuesday night … at least we hope so!

    Yes, while the contract announcement has been made, there is no denying that Slater has been in that position before, only to lose his opportunity at the last second.

    Will this time be different for The One Man Band? Will Rhyno & Slater be in full celebration mode, and will the whole Slater gang be there to join in? Find out tonight on SmackDown LIVE at 8/7 C on USA Network, and be sure to tune in to SmackDown Pre-Show at 7:30 ET on all of WWE’s digital platforms!

    Will AJ Styles’ WWE World Championship reign get off to a 'Phenomenal' start?
    Following the controversial actions that led to AJ Styles capturing the WWE World Championship at Backlash on Sunday — low-blowing Dean Ambrose while the referee was down and out — The Phenomenal One now officially comes to SmackDown LIVE as “The Face That Runs the Place.” However, there is little doubt that the new titleholder will have more than a few hurdles to hop over now that he boasts the hardware.

    Case in point, it can all but guaranteed that The Lunatic Fringe will have retribution on his mind after losing Team Blue’s most prestigious prize in such a contentious manner. Moreover, with SmackDown LIVE on an upswing, it is likely Commissioner Shane McMahon and General Manager Daniel Bryan will have something to say about Styles’ decision to go low and the effect that action could have on everything they are trying to build. Find out what happens tonight at 8/7 C on USA Network.

    The Irish Lass Kicker goes from hunter to hunted
    Since day one, Becky Lynch has dreamed of becoming a champion and having her sacrifices validated for both her and her fans. Well, The Irish Lass Kicker finally checked that one off the list at Backlash, winning the Si:emoji_stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:ack Elimination Challenge to become the first SmackDown Women’s Champion in epic fashion.

    Oh, and that sound you hear? Yeah, that’s the rest of the Superstars in the Women’s division salivating to now make her their new prime target. Which competitor (if not all of them) will step to Lynch in an attempt to get the first solo title opportunity?

    Another thing that did not go unnoticed Sunday was just how intense the ongoing conflict is between Carmella and Nikki Bella. At the height of their collision during the free-for-all, The Princess of Staten Island ultimately eliminated Nikki, although it wasn’t without a tremendous amount of blowback from the Fearless Superstar. Will the beef between the two interfere with Becky’s inauguration?

    Will The Miz and Maryse receive any ‘Backlash’ for their actions?
    Intercontinental Champion The Miz has been on a quest for respect on SmackDown LIVE over the past several weeks. It will be interesting to see if his and Maryse’s Backlash actions will help or hurt that cause.

    Though The A-Lister retained his Intercontinental Championship on Sunday in a hard-fought match against Dolph Ziggler, the win was tainted by Maryse spraying an unidentified substance into Ziggler’s eyes, which led to the Skull-Crushing Finale and her husband’s victory.

    Will there be repercussions for the couple’s shady behavior at the SmackDown LIVE-exclusive event? And although This Miz won the match, will the likes of The Showoff and others continue to lean more toward “coward” than “respected” when describing the champion? Find out on tonight!

    Can Bray Wyatt bounce back from No Holds Barred brawl at Backlash?
    Backlash proved to be a wild ride for Bray Wyatt, including two different pit stops in Viperville a full on detour with a demon.

    Following his blindside locker-room attack of Randy Orton earlier in the night, Wyatt was declared the winner of his contest against Orton via forfeit, but he was met with a huge surprise when it was announced that he would immediately have to face Kane in a No Holds Barred Match. The two supernatural Superstars battled intensely, but it was ultimately a surprise return and RKO from Orton that helped seal Wyatt’s fate in the barbaric affair, losing to Kane via Chokeslam.

    What will the self-proclaimed god do to rebound on SmackDown LIVE, and will Orton, or for that matter, Kane, pop up again to attempt to thwart his maniacal plans?​
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  3. Shit they are teasing it, Usos probably to challenge for tag belts, they'll win and Shane goes "well Heath you are not the tag champ anymore, no contract for you" :emoji_confused:
  4. They can't/won't screw with him like that, because it was promised to him he's got a guaranteed SD contract if he wins the tourney.

    He did just that, so they're not gonna be like "LOL, SWERVE! Ya know, we were joking about the contract part. Sorreh."

    I agree about The Usos bit, though. I see them dethroning Beauty & The Man-Beast.

    But, do I see Slater getting screwed out of his contract? Hell no.

    If they wanted to do it, they would've done it last night by letting Usos defeat Slater/Rhyno.
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