Smackdown moving to Thursdays?

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  1. A photo has surfaced on that shows an updated version of WWE's equipment trucks, which also features SmackDown with the updated WWE logo, as well as mentioning that the show airs on Thursday nights on SyFy.

    This has since led to speculation that the show may be moving back to Thursdays, but there is also the possibility that the image may have been Photoshopped as a hoax.

    You can check out the photo below:


  2. This seems like a definite possibility to me.. WWE is trying to recreate itself with the new logo, the network, and pushing a few boundaries again.

    No, I am not saying the Attitude Era is returning.. that will never happen.. but a new openness is settling over the WWE.

    The one thing that I would love to know is.. if it is moving to Thursdays again, will it be live?
  3. 5 years later and they still can't get the updated SmackDown logo.
  4. If that is a new promotion, why would the Uso's be featured?
    It does look fake to me, but I see no reason WWE would Smackdown to a new night at this point.
    If this were true, there would have to be a selling point.
    Nothing out of the ordinary is happening on the show that leads me to believe they are preparign for something big to happen
  5. Same shit different toilet. Nothing's gonna change except it's gonna be a day earlier.
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  6. It should change if they want to the viewers to carry over.
  7. Changing a night won't hurt them as much as changing channels. They went from UPN to CW to MyNetwork to Syfy (Last three have been all in the past 6 years). The show's haven't changed but rather deteriorated every time they move.
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  8. I don't believe Vince would sign off on the night change without some sort of proper promotional package.
    Featuring the Uso's on a production truck isn't good business. Bringing Daniel Bryan in in some capacity would be better.
    The name of the show would have to change. The guide on your remote lists the program as "WWE Friday Night Smackdown".
    A promotional package would be in order, though I do agree network/channel changes are for more serious business.
  9. I don't think this would increase viewership. The only way that would happen is if the product improved as a whole. They have a whole lot more work to do.
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  10. ^ Disagree. Friday Nights are for people to go out and enjoy themselves. Not watch Smackdown! :eww:

    Also, what about NXT?
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  11. You are correct, I'm only pointing out that it isn't as simple as putting the Uso's on a production truck and moving "WWE Friday Night Smackdown" to Thursday.
    Of course, this move isn't unprecedented but it is still a name change. WWE promotes all the time. They know better than to put the Uso's on a production truck.
  12. Nothing is gonna change imo.
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  14. You can pirate the trash on thursdays already.
  15. Suppose it could help slightly as ppl note Friday a lot of ppl are out but who knows. My concern is what happens to NXT the best show of the week?
  16. I've always wondered why they moved it to Fridays in the first place.
  17. Why would anyone assume that the product is gonna suddenly improve or increase in viewership just because they move Smackdown back to Thursday nights? It's not like anything significant changed when they moved the show to Fridays back in 2005, and there was far more incentive to make the show better then since Friday is about the worse day of the week for television ratings since people are usually out having a good time and stuff (except for me... *sad face*)

    Also, what's wrong with The Usos being on the production trucks? They usually slap random faces on nearly all of their production trucks. I recall Wade Barrett and Kofi Kingston being on the production trucks for Wrestlemania 29, back when both guys were doing a whole lot of nothing.
  18. The Uso's add nothing to mankind. They are Triple U and epitomize retardation more than words allow.
    Their act is lame and I wish Rikishi had worn a rubber.
  19. If they make it live and attempt to improve it... maybe, and that's still a small maybe. It just means you can get the spoilers to Fandango matches one day early really. Which is a shame because during Ruthless Aggression I enjoyed Smackdown! more than Raw. How things change.
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  20. Move it to Monday and have it absorbed by Monday Night RAW
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