Smackdown Spoilers: May 24

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    Don't think anyone even reads these haha

  2. Well that's... yea.
  3. Hey now, Swagger's jobbing to D-Bry. Not really a depush, him just being a heel? An actual depush because he wasn't catching on? Or depush because of backstage heat?

  4. Not really a depush, just being a heel. D Bry is higher on the pecking order. Not much different tan jobbing to Orton. A depush would have been losing cleanly to ADR and dropping out of the title picture.
  5. Funny that McGillicutty ripped Sin Cara the other day and then faced him in another match.
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  6. There's also the difference between losing a competitive match and jobbing. If the match is evenly paced it isn't a straight up "haha you're going downward noob" job.
  7. That's true. Just odd seeing someone supposedly in the World Heavyweight Title scene job twice in one week.
    The match should be competitive and VERY good.
  8. It's like Dolph's said. Bryan is just higher on the pecking order. Swagger with coulter's help doesn't need a lot to get back on top when Dolph is back.
  9. Not unless you lose enough of them in a row, like Ziggler.

    From the looks of it, the highlights of SD are:

    -Bryan continuing to show aggression. Bryan/Swagger should be a hard fought, competitive match like Orton/Swagger was on Raw, hopefully.
    -Teddy Long booking his 1,976th tag team match as a Smackdown main event.
    -Teasing a possible Fandango face turn (something I thought of on Raw.)
    -Curtis Axel getting his first win (Raw doesn't count, obviously.)
    -The Shield winning again... Against another makeshift team of three guys they've already defeated before.

    Still sounds like most SD shows - skippable.
  11. Looks typically and consistently abysmal.

    I am glad Kane & Bryan are going through the split angle right now, and I'm ecstatic that they are seemingly putting Bryan down the aggressive route. I am not sure why Kane would split that up kayfabe wise against a racism all-american heel, especially with his own track record, but that's whatever. Jericho winning is shocking, but it won't make me watch the match. Fuck Big Show. I am glad to see Heyman & Axel on SmackDown, and am looking forward to listening to their promo & watching his match. Lastly, The Shield winning again against another make-shift team is still alright, because I can not get enough of them winning right now (especially if Ambrose got the win).

    The show looks completely skippable.
  12. Sounds good. I like how DB and Kane are starting to bicker. Let's just get through these next two months of feuding with shield/kane and it's on to singles.
  13. I'll watch this. Looks great, tbh.

    D-Bry, Axel, Fandango... What's not to like :obama:
  14. Updated with more detail, live onsite report. Tbh hope that Striker/Sandow segment makes TV.
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