Snake crawling his way up.

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  1. Plasma Snake is seen walking backstage after his match with B.Dazzle as he pants.

    "Excuse me Snake?" One of the interviewers says as he approaches the competitor. "Is it fine if we do a quick interview?"

    Snake: Sure. *stands up and wipes the sweat from his head*

    Interviewer: You just went through a hard match with B.Dazzle, how are you feeling?

    Snake: How am I feeling? I'm feeling... alive! Fighting is all I know what to do, going into a hard fought battle is great.

    Interviewer: What about the rest of the competition? Do you fear battle with them?

    Snake: Not at all. My goal is set, to gain the title Sir Lee tarnished, and show the world, just who is the top company, and the top wrestler.

    Interviewer: I see, what did you think of Chris and CM Punk's match?

    Snake: Clusterfuck of random stuff.

    Interviewer: One more question. What do you think of Emperor Gohan?

    Snake: *chuckles and walks away* He's a waste of my time. Now if you excuse me, I need to prepare for my match.
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