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  1. Basically I just wanna talk SNL, I'm a big fan of live TV and still a huge fan of the show ever since I started watching in 14 years ago.

    I went through 20 pages of topics and didn't really feel like going through 20 more so if there is a discussion thread for this topic than please intertwine the threads/link me to it.

    Perhaps no one cares enough about it like I do but oh well thought I'd give a discussion thread a whirl on the show.

    What are your favorite Skits?
    Favorite Hosts?
    Favorite Episodes in General?

    Blah blah blah anything and everything that is SNL you get the idea.. hopefully :emoji_slight_smile:
  2. There are several Chris Farley skits that qualify being some of my favorite skits.
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  3. One of my favorite episodes is Charlie Day's from season 37 I believe.
    So many solid skits in that episode :emoji_slight_smile:
    This season has been pretty decent so far for having almost nobody recognizeable left on the show, I liked the first episode a lot with Jess Pinkman from BB appearing in like three segments
    this one cracks me up for; E-Meth..
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  4. Haha E-Meth that was a good one from Tina Fey's episode! I almost forgot about Jesse being there. Oh and yeah Charlie Day's episode was indeed awesome! One of my favorites of the later episodes, my favorite seasons are with Sandler and such so back in like season 18+ around.
  5. My favorite guy now is that Monahan guy (spelling) The second hand news has me rolling every time..

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  6. LOL dude I geek at that character all the time "Anthony Crispino"
    Anthony Crispino Second Hand News. <-- Link

    Did you hear about the government workers that left to play football? It's called a Government Touchdown!
    Don't you mean shutdown? I'M PRETTY SUREEEEE
    You know who's leading the whole Thing?
    Tom Cruise.

    lmao shit is great.
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  7. Yup, that is my favorite part. Nothing else on the show makes me laugh like that currently.
  8. As lame as it can be I also always mark for "What's up with that?" It's absurd but I can't help myself.

    Dirk no titsskies
  10. I really liked Chris Farley old skits. Not a huge fan of SNL.