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  1. *Rodrigo asks for a mic*
    Helloooo IWT universe!
    *Crowd cheers*
    Today, I'm out here to speak out my mind. Once again.
    *Crowd cheers*
    First of all, I wanna say that I'm sick and tired of all the crap that has been going around with Gohan vs Dat Kid. Many of you have asked me, the media, the fans...well, I'm here to end with that shit. I dont like FTJ, he's a bastard who thinks he's a big dog around here when he's not. He's an attention whore. He's like a three year old girl that wants a pony but their parent wont buy it. And on the other side, you've got Dat Kid an "Old Legend". They guy who has accused me countless times of "Not showing up". But you know why he always brings that up? Because he knows, deep inside that I would beat him again. All he has done is to underestimate. Since day one. And he and his ego know that if we ever meet in a ring again, shit will go down. So what do I think about all this crap that has been going around? Pure bullshit. You know, is like a big soap opera. Two guys who are only nominated to Jobber Of The Year main eventing the Slammy Awards. Please Black God Darth, come back and teach this guys how to put on a show.
    Whoever gets fired, I couldnt care less, will be back in a couple of weeks. Claiming he deserves to be in the main event of IWTMania 2. If its Gohan it will be something like "IWT IS OUT OF BUILDNESS WITHOUT ME :pipebomb:". If its Dat Kid will probably be like "Dude, I'm God. Yeah, I was GM for a while, till I decided to spend all my money in a company that didnt even last 2 shows. Oh wait, and I was the shortest IWT Champ in history LOL Respect". IWT Universe. If you have any kind of respect for this "sport", for the IWT or for yourselves, dont watch the match. We all know it will be horrible.
    Anyways, remember when I was talking about making a name for myself, entering the HOF and gettin respected by all the people in the locker room? Well. I found out that there's this tournament going on. The winners will be facing the current champs (Remember, I facing B.Dazzle this saturday) at WM. Another shot to get the titles I've been chasing since SummerSlam? Where do I have to sign? Now, the problem is who. Who should I team with? * Rodrigo waves to the camera* Hey Sackfist, how you doing? Yeah its me, im on TV. Gettin air time. Where are you huh? Exactly.
    I had a run with Jacob for three months. We got nothing. So I understood that my next partner should be someone who has earned not only my respect but the respect of every single soul back in that locker room. Someone who respects me as a wrestler, who knows my potential. And after searching for a few days, I came up with the perfect partner. This time, I'm, we're gonna get those titles. And guess where. At the biggest stage of them all. At IWTMania 2.

    My partner and future tag team champ is.....
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  2. Farooq comes out to a loud ovation of cheers from the crowd. He comes out wearing a dark brown cowboy hat, dark blue jeans, black boots, black shirt and a leather jacket that has War Angels on the back. He has another jacket of the same design in his hands as he makes his way into the ring. Farooq asks for another microphone as the announcer gives him one.

    "Now, this may come as a surprise to those who don't read dirtsheets." Farooq said as he chuckled, the crowd cheering more before quieting down. "What is there to say? Rodrigo is one of the most hardest working athletes here. I have teamed up with him in the anniversary show, and I witnessed him make the promo of the year afterwards too. I don't think there is nothing that this man cannot do, and it is an honor to be his partner in this tournament." The crowd began to cheer even louder, chanting Farooq and Rodrigo's name.

    "Now, there isn't much else for me to say. I can talk about how great we'll be, how we'll look good with the tag team belts and how we'll dominate this tournament, but you know what. I want you all to tune in and see how reign for yourselves. I want you all to watch as Rodrigo defeats B.Dazzle in his match too. That'll be a preview of when we face the tag team champions, of when the reign of the two new tag team champions, the reign of the War Angels!" Farooq said as he handed Rodrigo the jacket, the crowd chanting, "War Angels!"
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    Last edited: Dec 19, 2013 would you guys feel if I did a promo to promote Rhod and I's match?
  4. looks like Farooq will have to carry this team.
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