So ADR is 100% retaining, right?

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  1. Christian winning the strap from ADR would be more random than Sabin going over Bully.
  2. Yep. There's plenty of other interesting opponents for ADR to face (Henry, Dolph, etc) whereas Christian has noone... crap, thinking ahead again. *Innocently walks away*
  3. Christians been booked fairly well lately. He'll just be here to make a match at Summerslam. No way Christian wins
  4. Yeah, I'd say so. Unless they want to transition the belt to Sandow if he was to cash in soon.
  5. yeah this is just filler for dz to win, after he beats big e. I wouldnt be surprised if it took a few more months of ADR, and i dont expect sandow to cash in anytime soon/win when he does.
  6. If Sandow cashes in at SummerSlam then Christian will most likely win the world title that way Sandow would cash in on a face,I hope that doesn't happen though.
  7. Christian vs ADR seems like a filler feud.
  8. It's a filler feud. I don't see Christian taking the belt off of Del rio. There is some history though which makes the feud more believable. Since Christian won his first world title off of Del Rio.
  9. Christian won the triple threat no #1 contender for the world heavyweight championship match but does he have the chance to become World Heavyweight Champion. Personally I want Christian to beat Del Rio, I'm fed up of the guy.
  10. He is definitely winning
  11. Not much as Ziggler is gonna take it back after his feud with Big E fully severing his ties with AJ and Big E freeing him up for the title on a full time basis.
  12. Wasn't there something about ADR breaking a rib last week? If so, I could see Christian winning.

  13. He's been working through it, so I don't think that factors in at all.
  14. Christian wins world heavyweight championship, Bryan wins WWE championship.
    Wut :kiss:
  15. If it is merely filler to wait for Ziggler's return to the title picture, why not give the match to RVD and make it a little more high profile? It is Summerslam after all.

    I personally think it's a way to transition the title over Sandow in the coming months. I firmly believe Christian will win the title at that PPV or at a later one. It seems way too random to be anything else.
  16. If they make it Sandow Vs Cody for the briefcase in a ladder match, Why not have Christian win, Sandow cash in and Sandow retains in the ladder match later that night.
  17. I think Christian will perform as he usually does, but he'll lose to del Rio
  18. Didn't Christian just come back from a year-long injury? WWE's making it pretty obvious who's going to win.
  19. Hey, thought you were leaving?

    Anyways, I could see christian getting one more title run.

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