Spoiler So Bryan isn't...

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. In the rumble? Did I catch that right?
  2. I didn't hear that last night, I assume that whether or not he's in the Rumble depends on his condition on Sunday.
  3. He'll be in it. No way WWE leaves him out.
  4. They announced that he'll be going one on one with Bray Wyatt. Unless he works double shift and beats Bray AND competes in the Rumble, but then there's no way in hell he'll win it. This is ridiculous.
  5. I think he'll be pulling double duty that night then as it's not unusual for a wrestler to work a match and the Rumble in the same night.
  6. if Bryan doesn't win it then who will?
  7. He's in the graphic for the rumble match. He's likely in the rumble.

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  8. Batista. ewwww
  9. I can see it now. Batista wins Rumble. Batista vs Cena/Orton WM30 main event. Crowd shits all over it with "daniel bryan" chants
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  10. He will be in the RR. No worries.
  11. This did go through my mind, but I'm sure he'll be in the match.
  12. Well if he's not in the Royal Rumble all I've got to say is they better have big plans for him at Wrestlemania.
  13. He's not announced in it but I imagine double duty. But unless the WWE pull an almighty swerve I don't see him winning it anymore despite my comments a few weeks ago. It looks to be Batista.
  14. I don't think he will be. Firstly, if he was to come out at #30, the crowd's reaction wouldn't even be that good because they saw him earlier in the night. And, if his concussion's still a bit bad, pulling double duty is even more risky.

    I've no idea what he'll do at Mania, probably in an undercard match.
  15. I agree with Brad about Mania. Unfortunately for us with Cena, Orton, Brock and Barista all declaring interest in the title I see Bryan being pushed out for awhile. Sucks big time.
  16. I didn't hear about him getting into the rumble, only the match with Bray.

    I'd imagine he would still be in it though.
  17. It makes me think that Batista and Lesnar were brought back to try to overshadow Bryan and reduce his popularity.
  18. Unless they really do have a long term plan here to keep this momentum going and make him Legend material but i'm doubting that.
  19. Same and I don't really like Batista or Lesnar. Even with those guys there I still loved how the crowd still cheered more for Daniel Bryan.
  20. Looks like they're not going with wrestlers pulling double duty this year. Unless Bryan makes a surprise appearance in the Rumble and wins, which I wouldn't completely rule out.

    Him not being in the Rumble could turn out to be a positive thing if they've decided to have Bryan be the one who gets the match with Triple H, after all. Punk could end up going the distance and winning the Rumble and defeating Orton for the WWE World Heavyweight belt. Eelsewhere, Batista could end up in a match with Lesnar (no title involved) while Undertaker faces off with someone else (Sting if he really does sign.) Cena is rumored to face off with Wyatt, etc. This could be how the card works itself out. Keep in mind that Undertaker/Bryan is rumored as a possibility for Mania, too.