Storyline So Close, but not close enough.

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  1. *The fans go into a frenzy as the theme of B.Dazzle hits. B.Dazzle walks out from backstage and the fans get even louder. B.Dazzle has a huge smile on his face as he begins walking down the ramp.*

    Announcer 1: B.Dazzle had one crazy night at the Rumble. First he didn't win back his I.C title, then he retained his Tag Team titles with Gav, next he went in to the rumble and eliminated 12, yes 12, men from the match, but didn't get the win.

    Announcer 2: He may not have won his I.C title back or won the Rumble, but if there is one thing we can take from the Rumble PPV it's that B.Dazzle is going to be a star in IWT.

    *B.Dazzle grabs a mic off the steel steps and climbs up to the apron. B.Dazzle gets on top of the turnbuckle and raises his arm, resulting in a loud pop. B.Dazzle climbs down and gets in the ring.*

    Dazzle: Finally........B.Dazzle has come back to the I...W...T. Which means it has only been one night since the Royal Rumble PPV. A ppv that you, and B.Dazzle, will never forget. B.Dazzle's night, well, it was filled with it's up and downs. B.Dazzle didn't win back his I.C title. He retained his Tag titles. Then went on to lose the Rumble after being in the final two. Now, before B.Dazzle gets started, he would like to congratulate Bruce Knight on his victory in the Rumble match. You found the perfect opportunity to eliminated B.Dazzle, and you did that. Just remember this, if when Wrestlemania is over, and you have the IWT Championship around your waist, B.Dazzle is going to come for you. You can bet on that.

    *Crowd pop.*

    Dazzle: Now Bruce, don't take this wrong way, but your win isn't what everybody is talking about. No, it's not. It's not Sir Lee winning the I.C title. It's not B.Dazzle and Gav's Tag Team Championship defense. It's not Alias winning the X-Division championship. It's none of that. The one thing everyone was talking about was my performance at the Rumble match. You see, for those who don't know, B.Dazzle came in at the number 15 spot. He went from number 15 to the final 2, and that still wasn't the most significant moment. You see, the people were talking about how B.Dazzle eliminated twelve other superstars in that match. That's twelve other jabronis that B.Dazzle eliminated. That includes Uknown, Eric Draven, Trip, Dat Kid, MrSackfist, Sir Lee, Senhor Perfect, and many, many more. Twelve me, twelve jabronis got their candy asses thrown over the top rope by the Royal Rumble's MVP. B.Dazzle didn't win, but he damn sure stole the show. When the Rumble ended, the people weren't talking about Dat Kid, they weren't talking about D'Z, they weren't talking about Aids, they weren't talking about Joey Bryant, they were talking about B.Dazzle. They were talking about how he has risen to a top spot in this company, and he plans on never falling away from that top spot. You are now looking at a man that now holds a record that will stand as his for years to come. When people look at B.Dazzle, they are going to look at the MVP of the Royal Rumble history. They are going to see the man who has participated more than once on top level PPV's. B.Dazzle is Mr. Royal Rumble, and that's a name he would like to keep until the end of time.

    *Fans begin chanting "Mr. Rumble".

    Dazzle: As B.Dazzle has been talking to you, he's been thinking about something. B.Dazzle really, really wants a match. There is only one guy that B.Dazzle wants to face in a match. That man is guy who eliminated B.Dazzle to win the Royal Rumble. Bruce Knight, B.Dazzle is challenging you to a match. You got a lucky elimination on B.Dazzle at the Rumble, so how about you prove your Rumble win as not a fluke and face me in a match. That is unless you are too scared to go one on one with The Dazzling One.

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  2. As the Music plays, Out comes Knight, Wearing his Hoodie with the hood down for this occasion, holding a microphone while he stands on the stage.

    Announcer 1: While the Rumble was one crazy night for Dazzle, This man took out Dazzle at the perfect time.
    Announcer 2: Dazzle would of won if it wasn't for those fools outside distracting him!
    Announcer 1: But you have to admit, Knight saw the opportunity and took it.
    Announcer 2: And now, Knight gets to Main Event Wrestlemania!

    Knight's music stops as he looks around to the crowd who are cheering him and another half of the crowd cheering for Dazzle. He smiles then lifts his microphone up.

    Knight: Last Night....I won the royal Rumble by eliminating you. Now, You were distracted, I'll admit that....but then when an opportunity to Main Event Wrestlemania have to take it, wouldn't you agree, Dazzle? Now, You being in three matches that night was really something, That showed how determined you were to win that rumble....and I respect a man who shows that kind of determination.
    At the Royal Rumble, I became a talking point for the IWT Fans, The 'Nobody' that won the rumble, the 'Jobber' who was pushed to the moon but I'm going to show the Fans at Wrestlemania that Bruce Knight is Championship material, that he's more then a Jobber and that he deserves the right to be called an IWT Superstar....

    And then comes my Road to Training....To compete with the best....You must beat the rest. To compete with the IWT Champion or WHC Champion, I need to step my Game up.....I need to show that I can compete at the level that those stars who are known throughout the company can perform at......and What a start it would be to face the man that eliminated twelve men in the rumble.

    Dazzle, This is My Road to Wrestlemania and I Accept your challenge.......I shall start my Path to proving to you that my win was not a fluke.

    OOC: Is this gonna be a Dark Match?
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  3. Dazzle: That's all B.Dazzle wants. He doesn't want to downgrade your win. You did what anyone else would have done. All B.Dazzle wants is one match with you, and he's glad he is getting it.

    OOC: It could be a dark match or at E.C?
  4. OOC: I'm not sure what I'm doing at E.C atm, so why don't we just have a dark match?
  5. OOC: But isn't that why you should want this match E.C?

    If you want it to be a dark match, I'm good with that.
  6. OOC: I'll get back with a decision later....
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  7. OOC: This would be one hell of an EC match. Especially if you win Forrest. This could be your transitional storyline. You two should do this at EC. I would love to see more segments featuring you guys hyping up your match at EC. I actually have some ideas for segments between the two of you if you guys are considering this. #ComeOnIWTCreative
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  8. OOC: I think creative would like to see you in a dark match soon @Forrest , but if you guys wanna save this until EC maybe we could find someone else for you to face in a dark match. Isn't there an Uprising before EC anyway? Maybe you guys could face each other then
  9. OOC: I'll do whatever Forrest and creative wants to do. But if Creative would like to do me vs Forrest at the uprising before E.C, especially where if I win I'm in an Elimination Chamber match, that's fine with me.
  10. OOC: Shoot I forgot, that Uprising will have the EC qualifiers.
  11. OOC: If creative has other plans for me there or something, my match with Forrest can just be a dark match I suppose.
  12. I let em know. Should wait to hear from more people in creative if they're ok with it.

    @Forrest you're probably going to be a busy man until WM, keep that in mind
  13. Yeah, I know....I don't know if creative have anything planned at E.C for me yet..
  14. When they do for sure you'll hear about it. Believe me, its being discussed
  15. *ahem*
  16. What? What I say?
  17. I suggest doing this at the next uprising, so we don't have to double book dazzle at EC since he's gotta defend the tag belts. Unless Dazzle rather put the tag belts on the line at an uprising and have this match at EC. Also, I have no idea who the dazzling chavs are gonna face with everyone in that tourney and them already defeating The Cure. Who's left?
  18. Nothing, nothing.

    I'll just be over here waiting.
  19. I'm fine with being double booked. I don't care when the match happens. Dark match, Uprising, or E.C, I'll do what Creative and Forrest thinks is best.

    On the topic of the tag titles, there doesn't seem to be any teams to face.
  20. No one. Its Shadow + Spot, me +Arab, and the dazzling chavs. Those are the ONLY other tag teams in the IWT atm besides the Cure