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  1. In the Wyatt family? Discuss where this is going.
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  2. As Multiple members have concluded, he'll use them to win the Royal Rumble and Feud with them until a few months before Wrestlemania.
  3. Remember when Cena joined the Nexus and Punk joined the new breed? That
  4. You are so demanding
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  5. Looks like Punk wins the RR and we're getting HHH vs Bryan and HBK?

    I seriously cannot believe how long that ending was dragged on for. I doubt this happens but he's been abducted by them a grip but nothing else has been explained....so i have to say DB vs Kane? IDK looks like a filler to keep him away from any title picture in the near future.
  6. There's many possibilities where I see this heading, although most of them I would hope they won't happen. A couple I do see happening though is:

    Bryan is going to use them to win the Royal Rumble. Use Harper and Rowan to eliminate everybody else, and then when Bray Wyatt comes out, he eliminate them both in front of him. They beat him up, and have the crowd think he's going to lose, but he ends up overcoming and wins the match. Which is a possible Daniel Bryan vs Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania, which would be interesting to see if Lesnar does end up getting the championship before Wrestlemania and Daniel Bryan wins the Royal Rumble.

    Another is Daniel Bryan using the Wyatt Family to attack the Authority since he wants to "destroy" the machine. With this path he'll stay away from any title scene though, and will most likely turn the faction face. I highly doubt they will go down this route, since it seems like they want to keep the Wyatts as a heel team, but I see a small possibility the might do this.
  7. This ends with the Power of The WWE Universe compelling Bryan to kick the living shit out of Bray Wyatt.
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  8. learn2put them in RAW section trip :tough:
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  9. Thread is almost a month old in the General WWE section. It was on both RAW and Smackdown at the time. :aries::urm:
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  10. TeeHee (open)
    He said my name, he said my name! Hey @Dolph'sZiggler @Champ Johnson , SUCK IT :boss1:
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  11. filthy mark
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  12. :emoji_slight_frown:

    To bring this back on-topic though, does anyone else think the inevitable double turn kinda... sucks? I mean, unless they've gone COMPLETELY retarded, Daniel Bryan is not going to be a heel. He is the most over guy in the company and it genuinely isn't even close. Stars like Cena are piggy-backing Bryan to even get any pops at this point, so we can pretty much assume he's not going to be a heel. That means he screws over the Wyatt's and wins the Rumble, but... why? Why do they have to do that? We're going to get what, like, 3 weeks or however many RAW's are left of him "being in the Wyatt's" and possibly losing some momentum that he has worked so hard to build, for some double turn that won't shock anyone with a brain?

    IMO: this could have waited. I personally just want to see the guy win the rumble and win at Wrestlemania to complete the "overcoming of the odds" story he has going. That's my opinion of it all, and it's why I didn't mark as much as many on here.
  13. I think WWE dropped the ball with DB and the Wyatts just as bad as they did with Kane before he left a while back.

    I have to assume Action is right with him being compelled to do work, but i don't see this going anywhere positive....
  14. Would have been a great story later in the year or something, where someone as over as Bryan is forced to team with a talented heel like Bray and his guys. It really helps the heel - as we saw with Barrett - but it's just pointless now and creates unnecessary road blocks for Bryan.

    Interested to know what @Snowman thinks of it.
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  15. I don't think DB will lose any momentum from this at all. If anything he will gain momentum as the fans clamor for him to come back to the good side and break away from the wyatts. I picture him reluctantly ignoring 'yes' chants during a match or 'Daniel Bryan' chants during a Wyatt promo. we saw it last night when he was on the stage facing the crowd he started doing his queer little growl/quiver and the crowd popped, but he didn't attack them. Once he finally snaps and clears all three of them the pop will be immense. Its a good feud to keep him away from the title for the time being and give Bray a helluva rub with a match at probably the EC, or they both participate in the EC match and have a once off in the ME on Raw where Bryan goes over before moving on to say his feud with HBK leading to Mania.
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  16. This is how the #TeamOptimism would have viewed this at first, but I think they're just overcomplicating something that is so simple. The fans just want to see Bryan finally overcome the odds, win the rumble, and have him finally get his championship reign at Wrestlemania. I understand they want to bring Bray into this, but there's no reason to tease Bryan turning so close to what's going to be the biggest months in his career. I understand the fans aren't suddenly going to boo him or think less, but the kids might... Even if they don't, it still paints a pretty bleak kayfabe character for Bryan. His gimmick is pretty much ultra-babyface where he's getting put down by the machine but continuously fights back and works hard - mentioned in like every promo - only to suddenly join the Wyatt's? It's just unnecessary Russo booking in my opinion. It CAN be epic if WWE do it right, but I just don't have faith in them, and I'm starting to think negatively about the whole ordeal.
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  17. I don't think its Russo booking at all. It makes perfect sense. This has been built towards for months if you listen to Dick Butt's promo last night. He was at his wit's end because no matter how over he was he can't overcome the authority. The fans aren't getting him to the top, the Wyatt's seem pretty badass, have whooped his ass and want to bring him into their group, so a desperate man is attempting to get to the top by any mean's necessary, even joining the wyatts.

    the interesting plot point to me is finding his eventual motives if he joins the Wyatts legitimately or if he is just angling to better himself in the chess match with Wyatt, trying to have them lower their guard. If nothing else it makes me more eager to watch next week than say DB just whooping Bray's ass last night and ending on a yes chant with Cole going 'DANIEL BRYAN'S ON A ROLL HEADING TOWARDS THE RUMBLE!!!'
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  18. It makes good sense yes, but so close to his inevitable success? I'm not sure how far away the Rumble is, but why do this now? Why not do this in the weeks where Bryan was out of the title scene and had nothing to do except take beat downs from heels? They could have used that story to then sell how amazing it was that he wins at the Rumble - by himself - and sell how desperate he was and how far he was willing to go. It's just a bit too complicated booking for my liking. The fans just want to see him win the rumble and then Wrestlemania to FINALLY get the pay off from two terribly short title reigns and being put down from "the machine". That's it. I love the Wyatt's so much - possibly Bray's biggest fan - but I am just not optimistic about this sudden movement. However, I'll wait and see how it turns out, because it could work out epic. Everyone involved is very talented and if WWE's booking isn't retarded, it could be a blessing in disguise.
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