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  1. That Lesnar is going over? Normally the guy with the last word loses, and I don't really see Punk beating Lesnar now. If Punk does lose however, does the feud continue on to the PPV after Summerslam? What do you think happens?
  2. I think that punk is going to pull a 180 on us. He is going to be secretly alligned with heyman the entire time. You will see a confused crowd and brock come out looking like he was screwed and you have your wrestlemania preview right there.
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  3. Well from what I heard the last two times, Punk has been attacked by Brock, he's had to have stitches in different places. So maybe they didn't want to risk any serious injuries happening to Punk and let him win for this segment. It would make sense because Brock is probably alot less likely to be injured by Punk than Vice Versa.
  4. Yeah, I think Brock wins on Sunday maybe via Heyman interference so not clean. But Punk goes over at a future PPV.
  5. Well. Brock going over would prolong the feud by a lot. If Punk were to go over Brock in their first match, whats gonna stop him from getting to Heyman, Axel? By Brock going over Punk can work his way up the Heyman tree before getting to Paul. Go over Axel, a new potential client (Ohno perhaps) and then get his rematch with Brock before finally getting his hands on Paul.
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  6. I seriously want Lesnar to make Punk bleed. Dont know why, I want Lesnar to win and destroy Punk.

    Just wondering how good would be a Ziggler vs Lesnar feud
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  7. Research time baby! Just going off what happened on the Raw go-home-shows...

    Royal Rumble:
    Show Spoiler

    -ADR and Big Show both beat up jobbers so nobody had momentum
    -Team Hell No and Rhodes Scholars weren't on the show
    -Cena cut a long promo about how he was gonna win the Rumble to close the show
    -Punk cut a promo, Rock got beat up by the Shield.

    Guess this counts as 1-1

    Elimination Chamber:
    Show Spoiler

    -Big Show messed with Striker. Del Rio beat up a jobber.
    -Cesaro threw Miz into the ring post, then won by DQ.
    -They just crowned the Smackdown EC participants
    -The Justice League copied the Shield's entrance and ran them off. Oh and they squashed 3MB
    -Dolph and Kofi jobbed to Kane and Wade
    -Divas weren't on the show
    -Punk GTS'ed the Rock and held the title over him

    People with momentum were 1-2, with Cesaro, the Shield, and Rock winning.

    Show Spoiler

    -Team We Aren't As Good As The Last Babyfaces squashed 3MB. Ambrose cut a promo.
    -Ryback threw Santino at Henry
    -Ziggler beat Bryan, Big E hit his finisher on Kane
    -Jericho beats Cesaro but Fandango beats him up post-match, hitting his leg drop and standing over him pronouncing his name
    -Punk beat up Undertaker with the urn and poured the ashes on him
    -With it just being a promo segment, should we count Brock vs HHH? It was a Heyman promo though, with him talking about HHH committing professional suicide...
    -Rock and Cena just cut individual promos

    1-3. Fandango won, but so did Henry, Taker, and Hell No.

    Show Spoiler

    -They had that weird dance-off. Summer Rae feigned the injury so Fandango could beat up Jericho
    -The Shield lost that bullshit 6-Man with SuperCena. Kofi beat Sandow. Hell No jobbed in the 6-man though.
    -Sheamus runs off Henry with the strap
    -Del Rio, Langston, and Ricardo beat up on Swagger
    -Orton beat a jobber, Show didn't appear.
    -Ryback beat up Cena with a chair, but the ppv match was a draw anyway.
    -Lesnar and HHH had the epic cage segment, with Triple on the top in triumph.

    3-3. Sheamus, Reigns/Rollins, and Del Rio won. So did Fandango and Bork, and Cena retained his belt. Not sure if you can count Kofi and Orton but they cancel each other out anyway.

    Show Spoiler

    -Miz beat Barrett, but Heyman announced Axel was added to the match. Not sure how to feel there since Barrett looked weak and then lost his belt.
    -AJ pwned Kaitlyn in the secret admirer segment
    -Kane beat Ambrose by DQ, but pretty much had the match won anyway
    -Jericho defeated Dolph. ADR and Punk didn't appear.
    -Bryan defeats Rollins in a freakin' epic match.
    -Cena and Ryback had that lumberjack promo

    2-3. AJ and ADR; Punk, Ambrose, Reigns/Rollins. Possibly Axel too.

    Show Spoiler

    -Axel jobbed to Jericho, Miz distracted him so Axel could take a bonus Codebreaker.
    -Clustermess Divas' Tag. Kaitlyn spears AJ for the win.
    -Ryback gives Vickie a hug, Jericho beat Axel
    -Ziggler runs in during the ADR/Sin Cara match. Segment ends with Del Rio taking a cross-body
    -Henry crushed Cena with a failed AA

    0-5. Possibly 0-6 if you count Orton jobbing to Punk later on.

    The final tally this year is 8-17. So it's a safe bet, but not a sure thing.[/spoiler]
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  8. I'm with Rodrigo, I want to see Lesnar fucking manslaughter Punk. I fucking loved his promo, now that's a :pipebomb: I can get behind :smug:
  9. Hitting Brock with a camera and a chair is pretty impressive ...for a guy like Punk
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  10. I've thought all along that Brock and Punk's feud will eventually culminate in a Hell In A Cell match at the annual PPV in October. With that PPV so close and with me refusing to believe this will be a one match feud, it just makes too much sense not to end it there. And the only way a rematch or two makes sense is if Lesnar goes over the first time.

    So, yeah, I'd bet on Lesnar going over at Summerslam. But I'd expect Punk to have people believing probably a few times that he's about to pull out the ultimate underdog victory against Brock before eventually going down. But him going over Brock in the cell (which no one has ever done, considering it would only be Brock's second cell match and he defeated Taker cleanly in the first) can be the big moment of Punk triumphing over Lesnar.
  11. Yeah, I think Brock wins and this goes on for a while longer. But I wouldn't be surprised if Punk won.
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