So, give Ryback a SmackDown star to feud with.

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Jun 29, 2012.

  1. Atm he's a SmackDown star who occasionally comes on RAW and PPV's. Give him a SD star to feud with. Go.
  2. No. Sakimoto will job to him before anyone else is my bet.
  3. Give him the Big Show on RAW after he finishes his feud with Broduc Clay.
  4. Jinder Mahal. It's not like Mahal is doing anything important, might as well use him for something. Build Mahal as the crafty heel. Have him come out after a Ryback squash and attack him with a chair or something. Repeat this a couple of weeks with Ryback looking for Mahal backstage. Set up match etc etc
  5. Damien Sandow

    Ryback will be like 'Stupid! ..Finish Him!... Done!'

    and Sandow will be like 'Learn to structure your sentences you incompetent ignoramus'
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  6. Ewww Mahal?

    Lol'd hard.
  7. You could always feed Cena to Ryback... Just saying.
  8. No to a face vs face bro, the problem is there are no midcard heels for him. Unless you use Jericho, he's all I can think of.
  9. Tbh, I must admit, a face vs face feud with Cena would be awesome. Only if Ryback ditched the robot stuff and turned into the badass face who's pissed off at Cena and WWE. Basically have him fill Punk's shoes but someone who could actually do something about it. Ryback would get over fast.
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  10. Is there a WWE email to send ideas to? Not like they'll listen, but it's worth a shot..
  11. Their site says they don't read suggestions to creative.
  12. That's gay D:
  13. That's a sexual attraction towards the same gender
  14. Man I wish they did read the letters, it'd be hilarious. All the casuals wanting Khali to go over Tensai in a 5 star ladder match.
  15. Ryback VS Sheamus.
  16. Face vs Super boring face?
  17. Alright then,,,,

    Ryback VS Mark Henry
  18. I mark too hard for dominant Henry to want that, but then again, give Mark Henry 3-4 months of dominance on both RAW and SmackDown and have Ryback end it, that'd be cool.
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  19. I've said Rhodes for a while now.
  20. Rhodes, Big Show, Mark Henry, or even Khali just for Ryback to hit him with his finisher and look strong.
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