So I still have this briefcase....

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  1. *The Creators Of Chaos theme hits and the spotlight searches through the crowd and locks on Adam as he walks through the crowd holding his title high above his head, His briefcase is hooked on his belt, He jumps the barricade and puts the title around his waist and climbs in the ring and un hooks the briefcase and holds it, Ring crew hand him a mic*​
    Announcer: Ladies and Gentlemen, You're tag team champion and X-Division Championship No.1 Contender Adam Hawk.​
    Adam: You would think after all my other success here that I would be content with what I have but im not, Ive never been a person that has been content, Ive always thrived on success, Ive always wanted more and more so ive always down that. I never stop I always go for more and I always will. This is that happening now, Im not happy being tag team champions I wanted more and I have that right to have more with this lil devil right here, This grants me a chance at redemption at the man who almost cost we winning this title, That is if he can even hold his title that long which I sure hope he does so I can unleash the beast that Darth, Danielson and that slut Victoria saw they saw not a man, They saw it was a beast who destroyed them and took what meant most to them, I took the title of god from Darth and I took Danielson and Victoria The Heartbreking Slut Parker's titles and it sits around my waist with my name on it because I punched that bitch so hard she nearly passed out and then picked her up and hit the Hawk Drop on her ass. Producer please roll the clip!​
    *The clip plays showing Victoria slapping Adam in the face, Adam stumbles back and hits her with a right hook, He then picks her up and hits the Hawk Drop (Razors Edge) and pinning 1 2 3 and the CoC celebrate*​
    See! There me winning the titles and where was Danielson you may ask? Well lets just say when the ref wasnt looking he fell into a steel chair face first. If this isnt enough for you assholes on forums and you smarks well you're idiots! Now back to the briefcase, After a failed attempt at a cash in due to an injury and a crashed press conference, And after an extensive discussion with Dat Kid I am cashing in this briefcase at Summerslam for the X DIVISION CHAMPIONSHIP! Farooq if you dont get your ass whopped and lose that title before I get to you beware and prepare, You never know whats behind you.​