Spoiler So, is the authority storyline over?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Brad., Nov 26, 2013.

  1. Sure, Hunter and Stephanie will still be douches to everyone, but I can't imagine they will be interfering any longer as they both know that Cena as a champion is 'best for business.
  2. The storyline is still in effect, but it's kind of lost it's sizzle IMO. I was actually pumped for the eventual Big Show/Triple H showdown but now, not so much. It made sense for Show to try and run through Orton first as a way of building more anticipation for his feud with HHH, but it's actually had the opposite effect where the stuff with Orton has sort of made me not care as much about an upcoming match with HHH because it seems Show's main anger is now entirely focused on Orton (especially now that he's been put out with the Punt Kick... if it had been Triple H slamming a sledgehammer onto Show's head or something, it would have been different.)

    Plus, Steph doesn't even shoot down the idea of John Cena being face of the company. She even states that "unlike my dad, I don't want you to spontaneously combust" even though her dad is the one returning as a babyface to finally take out her and Triple H for good (and possible handpicking Cena as the one to do it at Mania.)

    The angle also began with Daniel Bryan being screwed at Summerslam. That's when Triple H and Stephanie became The Authority (although the name itself only came later) and for me, it has to come full circle in some way. But I fear that Bryan might not even have a big role in putting the Authority to rest come Wrestlemania. I hope I'm wrong and if the recent interview that HHH gave on wwe.com is any indication (where he mentioned that he wasn't behind Bryan or Punk's attacks, which was good since he was at least acknowledging them), then I am.
  3. Unless it comes out that the authority is behind the Wyatt family and the Shield in their attacks on Bryan and Punk, I can't see Bryan being the man to end it (by beating HHH), partly due to the bad SS buys. Cena, Punk or Sheamus looks more likely.
  4. It's not over, but the whole dynamic between them and Orton is all over the place right now, and they're too busy messing around with all the other authority figures. They really need to figure that entire dynamic out.
  5. I agree that Bryan probably won't face Triple H at Mania (probably will be Cena who does.) However, if Bryan wins the Rumble and then the WWE Title at Mania, I could see he and Triple H squaring off at Extreme Rules the next month, though. The last two years they've wanted to make ER into a big draw for a B-PPV (Lesnar having his first match in eight years in 2012, HHH/Brock in a Steel Cage this year) so I could see them saving this match for Extreme Rules instead. HHH gets banished from his position as COO at Mania, and so he reignites his feud with Bryan by saying he's gonna return to the ring to dominate the squared circle once again and he'll start by putting Bryan down for good and reclaim his WWE Title. And of course, he doesn't. But that could be the story going into it. Then HHH can disappear and possibly come back as a babyface when he returns to TV several months later.

    This would start Bryan's title off string and give a proper climax to his feud with Triple H that began in the summer.
  6. IT doesn't seem over really. The Authority is still there, but they are messing with nearly everyone.
  7. I think the Authority thing will fully be over after WM XXX
  8. I have to agree with Josh....

    It won't end until Mania. Right now, it's almost on hiatus. They're laying low, "waiting to see what happens". I have a feeling the Authority will return to full effect after the first of the year.