So is Vince taking the company back...?

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  1. The extend of my knowledge for this corporation story arc is that Vince/Trips would be at odds culminating in one gaining control of the company.... well ... as its shaping Vince (with Danielson) will be getting control of his company again

    Ummm... is this really how its supposed to work?
  2. That's the rumors, yes. The planned Vince/HHH struggle for power has been set in stone for quite awhile, even before any of suspected or saw Triple H turning heel. The original thought was that HHH would take control of the company from the tyranny of Vince and would do so as a baby face by competing against someone of Vince's choosing at Mania. But those plans have obviously shifted a bit. Now it appears as if Triple H and Stephanie will become tyrants themselves and eventually realize they're perfectly capable of running the company on their own without "the old man's help." Maybe the Board Of Directors for whatever reason will attempt to vote Vince out in favor of HHH/Stephanie as well. This will lead to Vince trying to regain control of his own company, which will involve him talking about how he's changed his views and been made a believer out of Daniel Bryan and probably a promo or two about how he's defeated every nemesis he's encountered yet (the other various wrestling promoters, WCW & Ted Turner/Time Warner, the United States government, etc.) and now it's time for his own daughter and son-in-law to realize they will be no different.

    It's possible though that the whole Corporate struggle for power and control of WWE is dropped and the Bryan/HHH match at Mania (assuming it doesn't take place before) is about their own personal rivalry without the other stuff involved.
  3. I like the flower thats blooming... just seems a bit anti-climactic... however Trips turning was fresh and gets him the exposure needed to become the evil boss

    Its a necessary hiccup ... even if Vince regains the company short term via mania Trips turning gave SummerSlam two lasting moments in one match that should resonate and give SummerSlam the boost it needs as the 'number 2 ppv'
  4. I have no interest in Vince v Hunter with Vince as face and Hunter heel. Needs to be the other way around.
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  5. Yeah, it's kinda weird if they go this way. Wasn't HHH supposed to be the new guy taking over and getting rid of Vince and his old way of thinking? :dawg:

    I think they might ditch the whole Vince vs. HHH feud altogether.
  6. It was very, very weird that HHH turned, yeah. When a new guy is going to win the company he should go against the tyrant and all, plus Vince should be playing a heel in storylines like this.
  7. Hope Deth is right. No reason to do the feud now.