So judging by recent SmackDowns and RAWs

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  1. Ryback seems to be getting more over each show he's at. Where do you go from here with him? I like the idea of heels cutting promos on the crowds and Ryback interrupting, that helps faces get over so much. I'd prefer him not to be a smiley smiley face who cares what the crowd thinks but the "feed him more" gimmick is pretty sweet.

    If it was me, I'd have Big Show come out after Summerslam (losing of course) cutting a promo saying no one can beat him one on one, and that he's in a league of his own here. Ryback's music hits and he comes to the ring. Show puts the mic down and Ryback just stands face to face with Show, just inches apart. Not a cocky expression though, it needs to be like his entrance (after he shoves his hands down and you get a close up on his face), have him really pumped up and looking like he wants to eat Show alive. Then Show just walks out the ring emotionless. You could do it that Ryback has a match after that segment, is about to win but Show comes out like the ninja giant he is and knocks him out and gets rid of this streak Ryback has.

    Anyway, what do you think?
  2. Sounds good to me :obama:
  3. Sounds decent but if the article posted about a change to his gimmick is true I wouldn't say no to a Brodus/Ryback feud rather than Show!
  4. I wouldn't either, but Brodus needs momentum before jobbing to Ryback. Not sure if I can be arsed to see 3 months of Ryback squashes when Show has a lot of momentum and has had a lot of spotlight too.
  5. Very true I just got excited at the thought as that would be a beast of a matchup!
  6. Ryback seems to be getting over, that's true. Big Show should indeed be the big stepping stone for him to come into the upper reaches of the card, with Ryback kicking out of the WMD and hitting him with his finisher in a massive blowoff match after a feud between the two. I guess it could be the right moment. You don't want Ryback running around the midcard when he always beats everyone and people get sick of him, and you also don't want him to go over Big Show, which would be massive, and then don't have anything to do with him because it happened too soon and there aren't plans.
  7. Agree with him kicking out the WMD, that'd be awesome. I'm not sure on how to book him after Show, it depends on the title scene and such. Whilst this is happening you could have Dolph having a dominant or annoying title reign -- similar to Roode, and have Ryback be the guy to attempt to stop him but Dolph keeps getting Roode like wins.
  8. Yeah, that would be an interesting option, but it really depends on how the WWE is then, hard to predict.
  9. I've been saying for awhile that Big Show (and/or Mark Henry) would be a great actual first feud for Ryback. I like the idea of Show being psychologically punked by Ryback, but I'm not sure about Show costing Ryback his streak. I understand you don't want people getting sick of the streak, but I think if Ryback ended up winning a belt, it would mean a lot to win it and hold onto it while still undefeated and put over someone for the first time with the loss of that belt. That's an alternate idea anyway. Also, perhaps after Big Show, Mark Henry could be Ryback's next opponent.

    I think if Brock Lesnar put over any younger guy (he won't, but let's pretend), that Ryback would be the perfect choice for him to do it for.
  10. I also agree that Show shouldn't break Ryback's streak lol, you guys seem to want this streak that don't you? As Kevin said it'd be nice for him to run with it and then when he loses it it'll mean a lot for whoever beats him. It won't help Show at all. And it's true, Lesnar would be a great pick to put Ryback over.
  11. I like this idea, so long as it's not Kevin Nash who beats him and there's no taser involved.

    And I get chills (the good kind) thinking of a Mark Henry-Ryback feud for the WHC, with Henry ending the streak and becoming World Champ again. I think that would be amazing.

  12. Agreed.

    There's positives to both sides. If he loses it now cheaply then it stops the Goldberg comparison even more and separates him further, but if he keeps the streak it definitely becomes a weapon to help put over a star or feud. Henry ending it in his reign of terror and Ryback having to train harder and harder to eventually overcome the beast would be incredible. It'd draw too as Henry is a ratings machine.
  13. Can you trust Mark not to limp out mid feud though? He has a record of getting injured at big moments.
  14. I like the big show/ryback story you got there.