So my opponent

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  1. Mr Sackfist steps out of the curtain and walks down to the ring, steps up the steel steps and enters the ring.

    "So Ultimate X is my date for redemption and the man blocking my path to get my career and life on track is a man named Joey Bryant. A man who hasn't been heard of here. So this man will gain his name by facing me, The man that goes by Mr Mid-Card. The guy that has stuck in the division taking on all challengers. Putting the punks in their place and kicking assholes in the face, Mr Mid-Card.

    So in so few days we do battle and only one man will get into that Ultimate X and I am damned if it will be some nobody. I am here to prove something, I could have taken my rematch clause and entered myself in the Ultimate X match, but I take the courageous path and in a way I am throwing this man a bone. So bring him out, I'll say his name again as you all have probably forgotten, Joey Bryant.

  2. *Joey Bryant walks down to the ring to cheers with a mic in hand, bobbing his head to the music while staring down Sackfist with no smile on his face.*

    "Do you forget who I am? Let me remind you. While I may just be the new kid from down the block, I am also the kid that beat Adam in this ring. I am the kid that came out in a draw against a part of the Cure, Ben Dover. I am the most hyped superstar in IWT and your words seem to deceive you. I am not some nobody, I am Joey fucking Bryant. I am honestly sick of not getting the respect I deserve here and the recognition. I was shocked when I was put on the card, it should have been expected."

    *He pauses and gets a little closer to him.*

    "After I beat you down in this ring, trust me no one will forget my name and only you will be forgotten while you go and collect your last check. I am going to make my impact here... even if I have to pull out some dirty moves."

    *Just then, Joey hits Sackfist on the head with his mic. The crowd gives off a mixed reaction and he begins climbing the turnbuckle. He smirks and then jumps off hitting a double stomp right to the chest!*
  3. Sackfist rolls to the apron holding his chest and coughing slightly
  4. *FailFace appears behind DK with a Kendo Stick, and strikes him right in the back of the head*

    *Mixed Reaction from Crowd*

    Commentator 1: What the hell?! FailFace just struck DK with his Kendo Stick!
    Commentator 2: He's walking over to Sackfist!

    *FailFace offers to help Sackfist up, and extends his hand*

    *Another Mixed Reaction*

    Commentator 1: What the hell is this?! Are they working together?!
  5. Sackfist looks at FailFace, he rolls out the ring and stares at him. He shouts at FailFace:

    "I don't need anyone to help me win" Sack walks round and walks up the ramp