So Summerslam Is Near

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  1. *The arena plunges into darkness*​
    *A spotlight hits as Adam walks to the ring with a mic*​
    *Crowd cheer*​
    The stage of immortals, A place to make a name for yourself, Aside from Wrestlemania its the biggest stage of the year, Everyone is focussed! Everyone is prepared! Everyone is ready. Everyone is ready to go out there and perform and fight for their lives. Some people will win and some will lose and some will sit in the back and watch everyone else wrestle in front of a sell out crowd and live their dreams, One of those people is me. I need to sit in anguish watching everyone else do what I deserve. At was the same at Money In The Bank! ZERO got a title shot when he has done nothing but lose since he started here, He claims to be a former world champion but please, He couldnt even beat Hornswoggle for the cruiserweight title! I was overlooked, I was overlooked as I always am. I am overlooked but it stops now, Now we move on to the future and the future is Hawk. I am the light at the end of a tunnel of horror called IWT. Now moving onto why I am out here, For 3 months, 3 wasted months I spent all my time carrying an idiotic if you want to call him a man called Jacob (NanoRah14 ) Colton. He dragged our team down and has taken my career to lows I have never seen before, Im done trying with him. He cost us to lose at Uprising, He was in the ring being dominated and I walked out. I walked out and left him there because I knew he couldnt win and he lost just as expected, He cant beat anyone and he cant even put up a fight. He is the reason we lost and tonight it finishes. Jacob at Summerslam. Me Vs You! Adam Hawk Vs Jacob Colton in a match you cant win, In a match I dominate, A LADDER MATCH! Its out there, Show up and show you have some balls, Or no show and lose any respect you have left.​

  2. *Jacob comes out with his first ever titantron. He's wearing his old clothes*
    I don't need to come out and prove I'm something good, they already know what I am and they already know what I'm able to. They all know I can beat you, but we already had a ladder match. That's pretty boring and you don't want them to get bored watching a loser like you lose to me... I don't want another ladder match with you, it would be really easy to defeat you. You were my puppet when we won the tag team titles and you were really happy, but it was just the first part of my plan. I had to make you believe that I wanted the tag team titles and I wanted to be with you, but who wants to be with a pathetic fool like you? You refused to fight for the tag team titles a lot of times, but I was just dying in my insides to fight for the tag titles because the second part of my master plan would take place sooner than anyone expected, but you refused to fight until the PPV. You showed there how coward you are. Then at MITB, the second part of my plan began. It was planned that we were going to lose the tag team titles, then the third step would begin. We were suspended, doesn't really matter because I came back with fresh ideas and new moves, while you... You just killed a man from the crowd... This is all going as I expected, the only thing I didn't expect was that I would have to face The Cure. That bunch of newbies and rookies who don't even know how to give a fight. I didn't expect that match and let them win because I wouldn't waste my time fighting them. Actually, get rid of them is part of my next plan, but it isn't over yet.
    *Crowd cheers*
    Well, I'll keep going with this little story I'm telling you. You come out here saying that you lost the tag team belt because of me, it's true, and now you want a match against me. This plan is going so damn well... I wanted to make you feel angry. I wanted you to hate me and ask for a match against me, but I didn't expect you were a boring man. I'm just the most intelligent man in this business and I know what's the best thing. The best thing is to look for other match and let me tell you what match I want. I want you to be ready to go all over the arena and run away from me because this match won't have disqualification and I will chase you. No matter where you little rat hide, I'm going to find you and pin you.
    *Slight cheers, the crowd knows what kind of match is he talking about*
    You see? The people in the crowd are intelligent while you lost your brain a long time ago. What I want is a Falls Count Anywhere Match. You can think it's a stupid idea, but ladder matches are too seen and one on one matches are so damn boring... You can run, but you'll never get rid of me, your nightmare. This isn't about who's better, this is about revenge, and I will get my revenge on you and you will have to leave the arena in a stretcher as I did when you attacked me with that stupid briefcase of yours. I'm not asking you to put it on the line, but we both know I deserve it more than you do.
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    You deserve nothing and you know it, Accept it or you get nothing!​
    *Jacob runs down to the ring, He starts attacking Adam, He throws punches, Adam tries to fight back up Jacob gets a kick into the gut, He goes for the twist of fate, Adam pushes him away and hits him with the briefcase, Jacob rolls out the ring and crawls up the ramp, Adam garbs the mic*​
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  4. I just came down to tell you something. We have nothing to reach you idiot. That's why a ladder match is a stupid idea. My idea is better, I don't want to prove you why...