So that Rampage segment was streets ahead

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  1. nah jk. cringeworthy at best, agreed?

    TNA really TNA'd this one.
  2. They Total Nonstop Actioned it?!? FUCK YOU HOGANNNNNNN
  3. is that a fucking bra you're wearing on your avatar?

    It was garbage segment.
  4. Yes, yes it is.
  5. dude you look like Zema Ion with that face/hair
  6. Gonna post it on sites with the link to his fundraiser then :tough:
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  7. Angle goes over AJ Styles just to feud with Rampage. Bullshit.

    Those of us thinking Angle going over was part of a bigger plan to help the Styles character were wrong.

    Alkaline, you were right.
  8. Rampage death-stared Angle like a boss, though. Should be a fun match @ BFG.
  9. Next week spoilers, bro, say that you and Alkaline were wrong.

    Aaaaand I was right, once again.
  10. Avoiding spoilers as always, thanks bro. Good to know.

    Just so used to seeing TNA push guys like Rampage as shameless ratings ploys. Assume AJ's getting his win back and Angle and Rampage will tease stuff through the fall.
    Hopefully they'll do something to make the loss meaningful, and not just give AJ his win back. It's all in the presentation.
  11. Yeah, the presentation of ending of next week's encounter will be the true truth.
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