So, the plan they had for Christian.

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  1. Was non-existent? We had weeks of dirtsheet reports about how Christian's return was delayed as they wanted a plan for him. Has he won a match yet? The guy is just losing - like he was before - but now is once again using the "one more match" catchphrase. What's the point? The guy has so much talent, but they just won't use it efficiently. I hope the Ambrose / Christian feud happens though.
  2. He pinned Ambrose on Smackdown once. And Barrett in his return match, other than those two I am hard pressed to remember any other wins since he returned.
  3. I thought he was gonna challenge Cena for the title tbh. But then Henry was moved into that role. Which as someone says somewhere on here maybe Henry is gonna retire after briefly winning the big one at MITB.
  4. Well, suppose someone just figured they'd have him come back to be on MITB but didn't really think what he was going to do weekly on the build or afterwards. Either that or they thought they'd bring him back to feud with Shield but they ended up putting him and Dean on MITB, aka change of plans.
  5. yeah he's just not getting build. I think they came up with shit and just called it good. "fuck it" i think describes it best. And the worst part is some people dont realize he is better than all 3 of the shield competitors combined. That has been the comparison. :true:

    It's true. IT DAMN TRUE!
  6. CC will win MITB. Calling it.
  7. I think he'll be a jobber for the rest of his career, just like The Miz or Gabriel (I don't see Gabriel as the world champion)
  8. What we're seeing now pretty much was the plan, me thinks - They've put him in the high profile All-Stars MITB match and have already sowed the seeds for a United States Championship feud with Ambrose afterwards by having him score the pin fall that resulted in The Shield's second ever defeat as a team.
  9. Maybe the plan for him is to take the US Title off Ambrose after he wins MITB? :win:

  10. Briefcase vs Title?
  11. No. He meant that once Ambrose wins the briefcase Christian is the one used to get the US title off of him. Christian would in essence be Kofi Kingston, only white and Canadian.

  12. Could be. But I don't think Ambrose will get the briefcase.