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  1. *Jonathan walks to the ring, flanked by @El Seaberino*

    Announcer 1: That's... that's our vice GM Jonathan, and here he comes with his "pal" Aids Johnson.
    Announcer 2: And... he's got the WWE Championship in his hand...? That's CrayJ Lee's title... what is he doing with it?

    *Enters the ring, and picks up a mic*

    Jonathan: Now... I know what you're all thinking... what is this scumbag doing here. Please, bare with me..
    The last time I was here I single handedly helped create the greatest IWT Champion, El Seaberino, and now I'm here to do it all over again.

    You may ask why I have the IWT Championship, and the answer to very simple. Why shouldn't I hold onto it until the deserving champion once again has it around their waist... *smirks at @El Seaberino*

    Actually... I shouldn't have this... you should have this...

    *Jonathan picks up the belt from the turnbuckle, walks over to Aids and..*


    *Crowd gasp*

    Announcer 1: WHAT?!? WHAT.. WHAT IS JONATHAN DOING?!

    *Jonathan picks up the microphone from the mat*

    Jonathan: Come on now... Aids... you didn't think I meant you, did you? You think I'm going to let you have the IWT title as easy as that after the way you fucked my company over? Not so fast, kid.

    Now... as I was saying... you should have this... CrayJ Lee! The future of the IWT and by far and away the greatest IWT star of aaaaaallllllllll time.

    *Jonathan drops the mic as CrayJ Lee's theme hits*

  2. *Victoria walks confidently down to the ring, walks through the ropes, and shakes hands with Jonathan

    Thank you Jonathan for that dramatic introduction. I'm sure that we'll dominate the IWT for quite some time.

    *Victoria kneels down next to Aids

    Poor, pathetic Aids. You thought you could just waltz back into the IWT and have everything back as if you never left. Once you were the "GOAT" of this company, riding on the wave of your success as if you could do no wrong. You thought that this company would welcome you back with open arms, worshipping at your feet and begging you to never leave again. You may have destroyed the plans my manager had for this company, but you didn't break it completely. You see, it was only a matter of time before I became the IWT champion. When you returned I told you that it's my time now, that I was going to have the IWT title. Low and behold, I stand before you after my victory against Dat Kid and Rodrigo, just like I knew I would. Face it Aids, you're not what you used to be. You have title, no #1 contenders match, and now you don't even have the manager you liked to bully around to do your bidding. Things are looking pretty bleak for you right now. I suggest you go back to the midcard and try to relive your former glory because as long as I'm champion you don't stand a chance of holding this title ever again.

    *Victoria takes her title from Jonathan as they leave the ring together and head backstage
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  3. Announcer 1: Aids Johnson really just abused and demolished here tonight. We have our new champion, and it looks like Jonathan has taken another opportunity at standing next to glory.

    Announcer 2: Aids finally getting up, that belt shot really put him down

    Announcer 1: Down and out is more like it, he seriously thought he could come back without some outrage from the FNW fan's and wrestlers alike?

    Announcer 2: Wait, why is he looking at us, what is so damn funny?

    *Aids is bleeding from the mouth, with an evil sort of grin as he stares down the announcers.

    Announcer 1: Does he even see us? Someone might need to get the medics out here, he just looked crazed.

    Aids instead gets out of the ring, and walks through the crowd towards his exit, blood running out of his mouth and down his neck.