So... This happened on RAW

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  1. Now going to spoiler it because I don't feel like it ruins the show but LOL at this guy who thought he would interact with Seth during his promo...


    Share possible thoughts going on in this man's head upon casually strolling over and hopping in the ring.
  2. LOL, Rollins no-selling and being like "Who dafuq are you? GTFO." :rollins5:
  3. That was Aids doing cross promotional advertising for IWT Summerslam. Way to take one for the team Aids
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  4. I loved Rollins reaction where he was like "is this the Demon King?" It was spot on, perfect comedic timing, and he handled the situation very professionally.
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  5. If I didn't like Seth Rollins before that happened, I would like him after I saw his reaction, particularly how he made it part of the promo. "Is that the Demon King?" was absolutely golden.

    I feel I need to include a public service announcement: I know the grand majority of wrestling fans acknowledge the scripted nature of the business, but these are actually, real life tough men and women. And, chances are, in a straight-up fight, they could kick your ass (although, preferably, as in this case, they wouldn't have to...but, security wasn't exactly on the ball there or else the guy wouldn't have made it into the ring as most rail jumpers don't). So, don't make Seth Rollins have to choke a bitch.