So This Is My Match?

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  1. *The lights go out, A spotlight hits the stage, Adam walks out and the spotlight follows him to the ring and he is handed a mic with the spotlight on him*​
    So after weeks away from this company and leaving you all to wonder about my future! I return, I return and attack the man I have despised since I started here and that man is NanoRah14 ! I despise this man and I was forced into a tag team which he brought down and made shit! He cost me the title I deserved and he didnt. The title meant the world to me, Without that title my career was nothing...... But things change! I went home, I rested up, I came back with a vengeful fist and im back to take out Jacob and The Cure! But I dont want help from either of them! Thats why I plan on taking on The Cure at Uprising MYSELF! I dont need Jacob he was the one who needed me, Without me what has he done here? Nothing. He is nothing and cant achieve anything here other than fiding of my success! Why do you think he wanted to be at ringside in all MY matches! He wanted to go down on record that he was there so he could take that little bit of credit he craved so so much. Jacob is pitiful trash.​
    Now we move on to The Cure! The Cure started here with controversy and have lead that since then. The controversy stop NOW! August 1st I face The Cure in a long awaited match but believe me I will refuse to let them win, THEY WONT WIN! They cant beat me! No one can beat me. I am the greatest thing on gods green earth! I am too good for me to waste on you people here tonight. I wont wrestle tonight, Its too much of a waste for you drunken fools who will forget my match when you crash your cars on the way home. I hate The Cure, I hate everything that they stand for and thats why on August 1st at Uprising I will destroy every last piece of them and leave them a broken heap lying begging for mercy which they will not get because after over a month of torment I will not let them leave victorious and I will not LOSE! This little Cure dies at Uprising. The Uprising of my career begins at Uprising. I am sick and tired of being overlooked in this place, I own this place, Its mine. I want to remind everyone of that! I am the next X-Division Champion, I am the Killer Of The Cure, I am ADAM HAWK.​

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  2. *Suicide's theme hits and he appears on the titantron,the world title resting on his shoulder*​
    *Suicide signals for his theme to be cut off*​
    Suicide: "Please don't tell me you're taking up IWT air time to talk about a jobber,a worthless stable,and, a division nobody cares about. I mean I may not like the parasitic IWT Universe but there is no need to toture them with this meaningless crap. I suggest you go play in the free way while the men of this company take care of business."​
    *Suicide smirks and the titantron fades to black*​
  3. OOC: torture,not toture,haha.
  4. Well that shitty division is about to mean something when I get their gold around my waist! Do you think anyone cares about your title? You fluke win means nothing especially since you will lose it at your first defence to Vic Bitch at Summerslam! No one gives a shit about the World Heavyweight Championship if you even call it that thats why theres a unification so we can get a decent world title scene instead of some stupid code GayAsFuck fan Vs a slut.​
  5. OOC: Haha its okay man, You have to use xbox haha.
  6. *David's music hits and he's at the top of the ramp.*​
    David: "Did you just say killer of the cure? Please tell me you didn't say killer of the cure. Because if I recall correctly, last time you went up against a Cure member, you lost... Badly. You can't kill The Cure, because it will always be here to stop all the cancers like you from running around, fella. Now that your back you probably think things have changed. But don't worry, Adam. Nothing has changed, you're still irrelevant and un talentless. I would really like to show you that one day.
    *David leaves.*​
    OOC: Nice promo man! I like how you put so much effort into these. And so much words. Haha ​
  7. Now hold on! Hold on! You want to show me it? Well you just cant because I mean more than you have or ever will. The only cancer running around is you bunch of bum buddies, I am glad you complimented me saying in un talentless because yeah that is true, My blood is full of rich talent which I will show you when you stand face to face with me some day but of course you will run from that because you are afraid to face me! You standing at the top of the ramp just proves that you cant pull out that set of fake balls and say anything to my face because you know I would just beat your ass if you tried.​
  8. OOC: Thanks man! We should have a match at some point it would be awesome!
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  9. OOC: Yeah we should, but I'm not sure I'm at your level yet. Haha.
  10. OOC: Impromptu singles match or triple threat match anyone? I could use a warm up match before I go against Senhor Citizen Friday.
  11. OOC: Yeah sure!

    OOC: Believe me im not that good, Spent a lot of time on that promo haha
  12. OOC: Sure!
  13. *Jacob comes out with no titantron, he's still a bit hurt because he's not 100%*​
    You see Adam? That's why we lost the titles. Without me you're proving you're nothing but that pitiful self proclaimed wrestler you think you are. Come on man, what do you think you're doing? I mean, seriously, you say you're better than me but if I remember correctly, you were in the corner when I pinned Victoria in our match, and if you remember correctly I was a part of the Cure before and left because a little dog needed some help from the first ever Cruiserweight Champion in this stupid company. You can do two things at Uprising. You can come out cocky as you've ever been telling this people, who actually pay your undeserved salary by paying their tickets, they're worthless and drunk and don't even know how to live or you can come, act again as my puppet as you did before and maybe I will reconsider giving you a chance against the Cure. The ones we're fighting are probably the worst members from the Cure and we're going to lose if you fight one on one against them because if I remember correctly you lost to Jwab when you first faced him. What has changed now? I bet you haven't changed at all because I keep seeing you as the little imitator you've ever been. You try to copy those ones who you think are good. Come on, do this by your own little bitch or do you need lessons from the IWT champion, Victoria? You proclaim yourself as the greatest ever champion and you haven't held a championship belt without my help. You came here and killed one man in front of this people, but that doesn't make you a badass because you proved you feel that you're worse than this people watching us around the world. You should be in prison and then you should go to a mental health center because you'll need more than one psychiatrist to be a normal man again. Your ego controls your life. I don't need this people as I don't need you, but at least they have some pride and do what they want, they don't do what others do to be a good champion.
  14. You see Jacob! I dont need to change, I am just perfect the way I am. I carried our team to the top and watched as you burnt it to the ground. I regret even thinking of you as my tag team partner, I didnt want you! I wanted anyone else but you, I know how weak you are Jacob. I know your weaknesses and I know how to get to you, I know everything and I know I can beat YOU. You just took exactly what I said and passed it off as an insult to me. You know how good I am, Im not weak. I have no weakness. I am the greatest thing on gods green earth, YOU KNOW IT! That eats away at you Jacob, It eats away because someone like you with more experience cat beat me, I beat you dont you remember? In your favourite match, I ruined that match for you, I beat you to a bloody heap and I climbed up the ladder and grabbed that briefcase, You know what that got me? A match for the X-Division Championship, And I will win that title just to spit in your face and hold it high.​
  15. *Jacob laughs*​
    You think you'll win a title against the current champion? Come on, you come here and tell each and everyone in this arena that you're the best, that no one can defeat you and all your crap you are always saying, but the fact is that if I pick someone-
    *Jacob goes to the ringside, jumps the barricade and sits near some of the people in the crowd*​
    -from this people they'll probably beat your ass like no one has done before, but why should I pick some of this guys with no training when I could just make you feel what it's like to face a real wrestler like me again? You defeated me once, it's true, but the fact is that you defeated me when you were a rookie and I was all cocky as you are right now doesn't mean anything. People change because they grow from changes, but you keep going the same way.... Do you know the meaning of "evolution"? I don't think so because you don't even understand what it means to be a wrestler. I've seen a lot of guys like you in all my career and they've failed. I was like you once and it got me to team with you, but that has changed. This company doesn't need self proclaimed best in the world wrestlers, this company needs people who work and give their best in every single match. This company needs more guys like me and less guys like you!
  16. When I hear you talk Jacob all I hear is waaa waaa I suck and cant do anything waaaaaa waaaa. You just need to shut up Jacob. You need to shut up and go away. You cant do anything without me guiding you through the minefield that is IWT. You are ungrateful to me for everything I gave you, If it wasnt for me you wouldnt be here right now. You dont mean anything to anyone in this business, You have always and always will mean nothing. What have you done without me? Huh? Lose? Yeah thats what I thought too. I need to get rid of you to prove it.​
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