So this is what all the hype is about, huh? D'Z Watches NXT

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  1. All I hear about NXT is how wonderful it is. As I begin watching the 4/11 Episode of NXT, I am instantly drawn in. They show a highlight package for the feud between Regal & Hero.

    Instantly I'm thinking that NXT writers "get it" much moreso than Raw or SD CREATIVE team do. Regal. Old. Veteran. Still can wrestle. Hero. Up and coming. Stud. What a novel concept to have a guy like Regal interact with a guy like Hero and, one would assume, put him over eventually.
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    Clearly too much to ask that we get this sort of logic on the shows that, you know, WWE truly cares about.

    The opening theme to NXT is better than Raw or SD, and I see plenty of guys I recognize so this shouldn't be too painful to sit through.
    Oh yet OK? Shield is still on NXT, I had no idea.

    Maddox on commentary :yes:

    Awwww nm. Thought Shield was doing something cool, not facing 3 NXT jobbers.

    lol Maddox just used the term 'snuck attacken' as the past plural form of sneak attacks.

    Scott Dawson, huh? Dude is like the posterboy for vanilla midgets. Axl Keegan gets tagged in. Nice double team move on the jobber from Rollins & Ambrose. Rollins gets both major moves and picks up the pin. Seems like he picks up most of the pins. Writing on the wall that WWE really likes Rollins, like more than Reigns or Ambrose, or coincidence? Blaspehmous I know to even hint at WWE possibly likeing a vanilla midget lik eRollins more than a musclefuck like Reigns. Shield does a triple powerbomb and the crowd chants one more time, lol.

    They grab the stick and do their regular routine, they bore me on their promos.

    Graves? Who the fuck is Graves? Stay Down on his knucks, lmfao. worst thing I've seen/heard since "ryback rules"--- Graves just wants to job to somebody, doesn't care who. Oh look Rollins steps up to get the win.

    Once again NXT succeeds to do simple wrestling things that the major shows fail to do. Logically setting up a match between two guys with history for next week's show.
    Summer Rae interview. No thank you. Dat nose, lol.
    Funkadactyls vs Bella Sluts? Yea, I'm watching this shit
    CHRIS HERO!!!!!
    Man what a helluva promo. Get this guy to the main roster already. he is better on the mic & in ring than 90% of the roster.
    NXT Recapping Wrestlemania. oh no. I thought they were above this type of thing.
    Regal promo---- another very good promo. This is a money ass feud, wish I had seen it in its entirety.

    Regal looks into camera-"for what I'm about to do to him... may my children forgive me"
    15 minutes for the ME to run :obama: . I just started watching and it's already almost over, how awesome is that :haha:

    I'm legitimately hyped to watch this match :yes:

    I'm not even sure if this guys are heels/faces, and I fucking love it.

    "LIke a Hawk-like surgeon. Yes, he has excellent eyesight" -lmfao, Maddox you hilarious devil you

    Regal dominating early on like should be in any teacher/student match. Ohno selling well, probably because he is in legitimate pain as Regal twists his arm behind his back lol. This is old school as fuck.

    "It's what the experts like me call 'chain wrestling', Tom" - Maddox.

    Regal doesn't have the look or agility anymore, but his technical ability is still great to watch. Sort of like how Fit Finlay is still wrestling good technical matches into his mid 50s, Regal will easily be able to until he is at least 60.

    Ohno has control now. Haha great reversal by Regal. Stomping on his fingers now. Breaking fingers. Regal da best. Knees to the head now. Damn. This match is better than anything I remember watching on Raw/SD this year.

    Ohno popping his fingers back into socket, haha, marking.

    Damn, stiff kick to the head. lol now Regal is fllopping around, another stomp to the head. Amazing psychology in this match, the look on Regal's face :dawg:

    Regal is like Terminator in this match. OH shit. regal won. I'm not even mad because of the way that match unfolded. fucking brilliant television match, at least 4*. They've got to do it again hopefully so Ohno gets a win over Regal.

    Great show , I picked the perfect episode to get myself hooked on NXT. Regal/Ohno carry this shit to a solid 8/10. Shield stuff was OK, and Maddox on commentary is money.

    I'll probably just use this thread to post more commentary as I watch the next couple of episodes.
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  2. You need to watch the Emma match in the episode following that one. Emma is a goddess.
  3. I saw her promo. I wasn't impressed tbh. It was the Lady Gaga/Madonna one.
  4. "CHRIS HERO!!!!!
    Man what a helluva promo. Get this guy to the main roster already. he is better on the mic & in ring than 90% of the roster. "

  5. Great review, I also really loved Regal/Ohno. But gladly that WM recap was just a one-off, normally they don't do that.
  6. I'm not sure what to make of her character. Because she is in essence a female Joseph Park. Her character is that she thinks she is an awesome wrestler, but really isn't. She botches on purpose constantly.
  7. How is that a female Joseph Park? Park doesn't think he is awesome, he thinks he is a beginner when he is actually Abyss, lol.
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  9. Fuck yes. NXT rules
  10. Park is my favorite character in wrestling. I hope one day TNA explores the storyline of him solving the case and slowly realizing he is Abyss and going crazy as a result of it. There is so much they can do with the Park character they've barely scratched the surface.
  11. Not sure if this is the best introduction to Emma. This week it seemed like WWE realized everyone loved her and turned her face to predictable results.
    More Joey Park, less Fandango plz. Glad you enjoyed the show, but with a match like that you'd almost have to.
  12. Welcome to the land of NXT.