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    Biggest reason why I sometimes despise European football and European referees (UK not counting).
  2. the premier league is just as bad tbh
  3. No way. Sure there are divers and the typical dramatic players, but you can't argue a case for it to be as bad as La Liga especially? There is no such things as rough tackles and actual fair rough tackles in La Liga, the referees stop anything like that happening. They forget it is actually a contact sport at times.
  4. Fair point have you seen the tackle ronaldinho was on the recieving end on this week that was brutal
  5. European footballers are like overpaid, poorly performing actors. I'm pretty sure during the olympics some girl got smashed round the face by the opposition and carried on playing with blood pissing out of her face. If a girl can take a smack to the face with a big piece of wood, then these flaming homos can deal with a little skin on skin contact.
  6. In general I think athletes learn to "act" to get the outcome they deserve. I know it happens in American football as well if they want to get a certain penalty that will go in their team's favor. I've seen it happen in hockey as well. It's just a form of deception that happens to work on some refs more than others.
  7. I've seen a meme for it, and it looks horrific. Both feet in the air on his leg, that's just barbaric. Is he okay?
  8. I think so the player didn't even get booked for it haha be a life ban in spain lol
  9. There's hardly any diving in Scotland compared to elsewhere in Europe. Therefore SPL > La Liga.

    P.S I agree but... Ashley Young is obviously excluded ;-)
  10. And Bale, and Suarez :((.

    SPL > BPL > La Liga

    Seems legit. #Hibs
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  11. But if you take standards of football into account

    Bpl>bbva>my last shit>spl
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  12. Lmao :true:
  13. I agree. I will say this not as a biased post, but equally down the middle. There are going to be divers regardless where your from, where you play, what team you play for, what your race is, or whatever your culture is. However, with that being said, there's less divers in the BPL than they are in the European leagues.
  14. I think I just got burned :okay:
  15. Diving is a fucking epidemic in all of world football. It should be a red card offence IMO, the only way to really stop it.
  16. This will benefit you, and counters that ideology:

    GOAT analyst :gary:

  17. Bes pundit around imo
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  18. George Friend broke his nose and carried on playing for us, no way would you see that in Spain.
    Although Cesc Fabregas did break his leg and carry on playing.
  19. Yep.
  20. My opinion remains, sure he shouldn't have stuck his leg out in that particular situation, but overall diving has ruined so many games I've watched. I'm sick of it.
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