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  1. Name: Georgescu Tudor-Ioan (GTI for short)
    Age: 18
    Favourite Superstar & Why: Sheamus. I liked him from his ECW days and I've been a fan ever since
    How long I've been a fan of wrestling: I guess 4 or 5 years.
    Favourite Wrestling Company: WWE
    How did you find the site? Google
    Will I be active here: Considering I joined in july and only have ONE post, yes. I'll try to be active.

    I'm from Romania. I like Rock Rap and Metal. I don't like TNA. I am allergic to polen.

    Need I Say More? :smug:
  2. welcome to the forum :win: omg sheamus is the best wrestler ever!!1 the admin of the forum is a big sheamus fan! hope you enjoy the forum!
  3. Hello, and welcome to the forum. I too joined in July, I hope you remain active.
  4. Hey, just a heads up. Dolph's might hate you. :willis:
  5. Welcome to the forums man, you'll have a nice time around here.
  6. Thanks Vince -.-

    Even though I despise Sheamus I still welcome you with open arms :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:. Welcome to the forum man.
  7. Haha, yes I am aware Sheamus is not really tolerated in the IWC.
  8. Welcome to the site pal, should fit in pretty well :Obama:
  9. A Sheamus fan fitting in well :haha:

    In all seriousness welcome, and we should get on well because I am also allergic to pollen :true:
  10. Welcome! I like Ste too!
  11. Sheamus :eww:

    Aside from that you seem cool, welcome to le forums
  12. You've walked into a... Shameful situation....