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  1. *Hawk's theme hits, The crowd explodes, After 30 seconds no one appears, A new theme hits*​
    *Hawk walks out on stage, He looks at the crowd like he doesn't give a fuck, He is wearing a new shirt:​
    New Shirt (open)
    New Shirt (open)

    *He walks slowly down the ramp, Security blocks his entry, They are given orders to let him past, Hawk pushes past, He takes a mic and climbs into the ring*​
    Hawk: So here we meet again, I thought after Night Of Champions that my career here was over, I rolled out of here, Limped to the back, Flipped off the boss, Tore up my contract, Threw my briefcase away and drove off, I went home and I told myself that I am done, Told myself that I will never set foot in this ring again, That I will never set foot in the ring that hypocrites built, The ring that is built off lies and bullshit that spreads like wild fire. I have been forced for months here to put a smile on my face and walk out here like a super happy guy coming to have a great match! No, I don't care how my matches look as long as I come out on on top. You were all fooled by the lies that I have been forced to tell because its whats "Best For Business" but honestly I could not give a shit about business, I am here to make money, Win titles and beat everyones asses!​
    When I first came here in April I made my mark and started what was supposed to be the Summer Of Hawk but that was cut short, After I ended Darth's career, Took the title of god and destroyed Jacob is a ladder war I had plans, I planned to become European Champion, They were cut short by the guys backstage, Every time I tried to cash in my chance it was ripped away from me, Payback was just around the corner when I was forced to team with that rat bastard Jacob Colton, We won, We shocked the world and won and I HATED it, I didn't want to win, If you watch the replay I hit Danielson in the head with a chair on purpose to get DQ'd but the ref was down! We won, I had to walk around with that title like I actually wanted and earned it then after that I gave Ol jonathan a big fuck you when I got myself suspended, I got a month vacation which was cut short and when I came back Jonathan was poking his finger into my plans and was stopping me from doing what I wanted to do, I went against them, I fought Jacob and I made him bleed, I throw him onto the solid concrete and watched him scream in pain but it wasn't enough, I lost, I fucking lost, The next night when I arrived for Uprising, I was forced by Jonathan to swallow down the last piece of pride left in me and shake that fuckers hand, I wanted to punch him in the face, I shaked his hand and went onto face The Cure's David and the fact of the matter is that for months I have been forced to battle The Cure when they have had a common cause and that is to destroy this company, I lost that match and it brings me to where I am now.​
    I am suck and tired of sitting back and watching people attempt to make this company anything, We all know yet we all deny that this company is down on its knees begging for mercy and I am the man to put the bullet in the skull, I am here to save all of your souls for falling into the depth of Jonathan tight arsed pocket and he grabs into yours and takes all the money he wants because thats all he cares about his fattening his every growing salary which he doesn't even deserve when he pulls crap stunts like cancelling events on the day of them, The fact is no matter what I do Jonathan will keep getting money and fame handed to him until I destroy this place and that is exactly what I will do.​
    Jacob Colton, I am sick of you, I am sick of you coming out here with your stupid face paint, Your stupid music, Your stupid haircut and your stupid retard dance on the stage. I am sick of you coming out here like a pussy and in your stupid fucking voice proclaim "I do this for you guys" " I love you guys!" when you know you a spitting out a bunch of shit, You come out here and pander to these people and it sickens me, These people can't take the truth, You know it, I know it but you can't bear to tell them, You know you won by a fluke at Summerslam, You know I can destroy you like I did in our Ladder War at Extreme Rules, Do you ever remember that? When I sent you off and into ladders leaving you a bloody mess well at Bound For Glory I will do the same.​
    *Adam is handed a piece of paper on a clipboard by a man in a suit at ringside*​
    In my hand I a contract, A contract that if Jacob agrees to reinstates me to IWT and sets in stone JACOB COLTON ( NanoRah14 ) VS ADAM HAWK BOUND FOR GLORY! NO.HOLDS.BARRED.​

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  3. This sucks.
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  4. 2/10
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  5. *The crowd explodes

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  6. We should ban swearing #ThinkOfTheChildren
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  7. *Jacob comes out with no music*

    Look who's back... Look who has also changed. It's you, Adam. I didn't recognize you at all to be honest, but nevermind, we aren't here because you want to come back or something. You left after your loss at Night of Champions. You quit IWT and now you're here. Are you going to beg for a match? Are you going to beg for a title shot? Are you going to beg for a match against me? Ok, no problem. I accept it because I want to see who is the best of both once and for all. You beat me once, I beat you once.... It seems to me we have a tie, and I want to break it. Bring the contract and I'll sign it. Lets give to this people what they want to see, a fight. If you're gonna pick a NoDQ match is ok, but don't be a little princess and pick a 1vs1 normal match because that'd be boring. Bring your best, I know we can put you through hell at any time so don't be shy. Bring it to the table and I'll sign it! You want a war? I'll go through your game and after Bound for Glory, I'll feel what is like to be glorious again!

    *Jacob signs the contract and throws the pen to Adam's face.*
  8. *Adam smiles as the lights go out, The lights start to flash, 2 dark figures appear in the crowd, With every flash of light they move closer and closer to the ring, The lights comes back on and the men jump the barricade, They are hooded in jeans, They attacks Colton, They are throwing strikes, Jacob is helpless, They stomp and throw him into the corner, They throws more strikes, They hold Jacob up as Hawk stands over Jacob, They throw Jacob at Hawk and Hawk sets up brainbuster, He holds him up and BANG drops Jacob down, The men removes their hoods to reveal Nick1698 and DK James they stand over Jacob as Hawk kneels down to Jacob with a mic*​
    This Jacob, Is a prime example. The numbers are against you, The numbers will grow and grow and grow until we have rid you of IWT then our next step is burning this place to the ground, This band of brothers cannot be broken, We are fighting for a similar cause, We are the bringers of death, We will grow, Everyday we will grow. We are The Alliance.​
    *Hawk laughs, He rolls out of the ring as he walks backstage with Nick and DK following behind him*​
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  9. *Jacob is laying in the ground, he seems injured. Paramedics come out and take Jacob out of the arena on a stretcher as the show ends. Jacob suddenly raises his thumb up trying to say he's ok and he'll be back soon, but he can barely move*
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